Thank you for the support!

I would like to thank all the readers of the blog. I started this blog on March 15th and within 3 months 10000 hits on my blog. I never ever imagined that I would get this kind of response from all the readers. When I started this blog for the first week I had not more that 20 hits.

I am also very happy to have regular readers and readers who post valuable comments. I would also like to thank members of Ponniyinselvan Yahoo groups, Min Tamil google group for the encouragement and critical comments they have given for my posts. I would also like to thank Mr. Vijayakumar who introduced me to these groups.

There are lot of limitations to my blog , but with time I hope I will rectify all the limitations. My own work in the blog is very less. I have just written 4 to 5 essays. Other than that my work in this blog is to select a poem I really enjoyed and type its english translation. Get the orginal verse form Project Madurai or Tamil Virtual University. If a Tamil Urai is available in Tamil Virtual University I also post them along with the verse these days. I am just gathering resources from various places and putting it togther in this blog.

Thank you once again to all the readers.

It would be great if readers can give me feedback about this blog. Please post your feedback as an comment to this post.

Now its 20000…..makes me more happier!

8 thoughts on “Thank you for the support!

  1. Hi,

    I would want only one thing more.
    That you add a word by word translation in your posts.
    Not all of the words from sangam literature are in use today.

  2. hi buddy, I was just browsing, by chance I found your blog, excellent work…. I like reading your blog. Its great to read more about Tamil literature….its one of my new found interests as I am miles away from the best of chennai. Email me your number I could call you if you are still in texas. have a good week. thanks

  3. Hi Vairam,

    Feels great that a fellow UTAite has done such marvelous service to his mother tongue.Keep it up!

    It evokes feelings of Pride for our common Indian Heritage, deep respect for the literary giants of the yore and maybe some guilt to have missed on a treasure of such huge body of knowlegde.

    Its a fascinating read for even a non-Tamilian like me.

    Congratulations on your blogging success and best wishes for your further literary endeavors.

  4. You have done a great work and opened a new filed by syncronizing verses with suitable photos that you collect shows that how much your are taking pain. Congrate and wish to continue. Here is my comment on THODAIYIL PUN NADAIYIL THERIYUMA. Your meaning for the proverb is not suitable. This proverb is replica of AGATHIN ALAGRU MUGATHI THERIUM. The proverb must be THODAI PUN NADAIYIL THERIUM, which means that the trouble or anything else will be known by ones act etc. Expecting a reply Thank you

  5. Lets go by your logic…
    Thidayil pun Nadayil theriyum… if you get some hurt it can be found out in the way you react. Hurt can be compared to personal secrets or any problem. SO the way you start reacting to problems shows if you have problem or not. SO if you are careful enough to walk properly(that is show off you have no pain) you dont show people that you have got hurt. Warrior would never show out his pain. Similarly the sentiment expressed is you problems are exposed by the way you react. So be careful in the way you react so you can have your problems with your self and not advertise it to the world.

  6. Hi Vairam,
    THODAIYIL PUN NADAIYIL THERIYUMA ….. Similar story comes from maha baratha where Karnan does not move when is bitten by a bug (vandu) …. and his guru was sleeping…. By seeing this his guru says that you are a kshatriya and only a warrior can bear the pain…

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