100 Posts – A Look back

I surely don’t know whether its an occasion to celebrate but at least its worth an occasion to look back. The questions I would like to post here are ,

1.Has my blog improved?

2.Has my knowledge improved?

3.Have the readers increased?


The answer to the question one is pretty tough and I hope I am making my blog better every month. But the real answer should be from the readers.

The answer to question two is a solid yes. Personally I have to read a considerable amount to write a blog. So this habit of writing has developed the habit of reading , so to a considerable amount my knowledge has improved because of this blog.

The third question is the easiest of all, its improving every month.


Apart from the three question, what else can I look back at? I have gained some devoted readers and good Friends. One of the most important person would be Mr.Vijayakumar of Poetryinstone.in . He added me in google chat and said my blogs were good and also introduced me to Min Tamil and Ponniyin Selvan group. We have discussion every other day and till very recently all his works on architecture of Tamil temples were within few e groups. Now since he has started to write blogs, it has come out in open. Any person who wants know about the great Tamil temple architecture should visit his blogs.

Another person whom I have know only through this blog is Kapila, she is an artist performing Kuttiyatam. one of the oldest art forms and she doesn’t know Tamil.  It was the first time I realised people who dont Tamil too read my blogs.

Another person whom I should mention is Thiru, I know him through Ponniyin selvan group. He maintains a site Ponniyinselvan.in . He worked with Mr.Vijaykumar and helped him design his blog and now he has offered me to help me start own site. Soon with his help I hope I would start my own blog site.

And of course other important scholars like, Dr.Kannan, Mr. Dhivakar and Mr.Venthan Arasu from Min Tamil group who have helped me understand the works more by giving their valuable comments when ever necessary. Ponniyin Selvan group should also be mentioned because most of my blog readers are form the forum and I should mention of Mr.Sivapathasekaran of the group who has always wished good for this blog.

I would majorly like to thank my Tamil guru my mother for struggling with me for 12 years to teach me some Tamil and my father who dosent miss single post of mine.

And final thanks to Dr.Zvelebil,Dr.Hart and Dr.A.K.Ramanujan without whom I cant even Imagine a single post from this blog.

ohhhhhhhhh I forgot you all….. without you surely 100 posts wouln;t be possible. Thank you for you support and your comments.


A podcast for my 100 th post, looking back at how it all started:

looking back : how it started? 


Please post your comments and if you are a regular reader of the blog or you like the blog , please take 10 sec and let me know by entering ur Name or any comments just to let me know you were here and read this page.

Thank you.

6 thoughts on “100 Posts – A Look back

  1. Hi Vairam,

    You are doing a splendid service by unearthing these rare gems and presenting them in a fashion and in a medium that has such a wide reach. Its not easy to sustain the quality and quantity to reach 100 posts in such a short while. May the force be with you !!


  2. Wonderful work Mr. Vairam. I will start reading your blogs regularly and post comments. Keep it up. Have a nice day.

  3. I appreciate your efforts and it is educative. I had used your flowers of kurinji pattu in my regular tv talks with due acknowledgement. Wish you more success

    Thamizh Maamani N.Nandhivarman
    Puducherry 605001

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