2 years of Karka Nirka


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Its two years since I started the blog. So I have taken a break from writing and instead started making videos.

I have talked about my thoughts about the blog and people who have directly and indirectly supported me in this venture and finally people I really like to thank.

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Please post your comments.

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13 thoughts on “2 years of Karka Nirka

  1. Congrats Vairam,
    I got inspired by your work on tamil… I felt I should do something to my mother tongue..
    Great work.. Carry on….

  2. Vairam,

    I read about this 99 flowers through the net, more than a year ago. I know now that the effort was yours. Great effort, I would say. I downloaded the presentation in pdf. One suggestion. The presentation does not contain any reference to the fact that these are referred in a Tamil literature called Kurinchippattu which is one of the 10 songs under Pattuppattu. The verse number could also be given. This I think should come in the beginning.

    Still there are a few species to be identified. While reading the sangam classics, I was amazed to see the numerous references to wildlife species and their habits, some of them very striking (e.g. reference to the sloth bear’s feeding behaviour, for instance). My boss has been egging me to write something about it, but time does not permit, though I bookmark those verses every now and then.

    I work for Wildlife Trust of India (http://wti.org.in/)
    My personal site: (http://nvkashraf.co.cc/)

  3. வீழ்வது நாமாக இருந்தாலும், வாழ்வது தமிழாக இருக்கட்டும்!

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