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I read a book called ‘Freakonomics’ . The Author says that there are answers every where only we don’t have the right question. So if enough questions are asked we can find answers for every one of them.

So I thought I would dedicate page where readers can ask questions on Tamil Literature. Any thing on Sangam literature and History of Tamil Literature.

I am not super intelligent encyclopedia of Tamil Literature, but at least I have collected around 20-30 books on Tamil Literature history and Sangam Literature. So If you ask me questions , I can go thorugh these texts and try to get you an answer. Important word here  is ‘try’ , I surely cant promise you an answer immediately; but I would try my level best to find an answer.

Some Eg. questions –

How old is Tamil?

Was Silapadikaram a true story?

When was Thirukural written?- was it written by a single author?

Is it true there was somekind of similar festival to Valentine’s day in Tamil Nadu

When was the word Tamilagam(land of Tamils)first used?

Is ‘Dravidan’ a Tamil word?

How did Madurai look in old times?

You can come up with any question you want. I will atleast try to get you an answer or can try to direct you to a person who might know the answer.

I hope you readers post me some questions – after all this is a selfish effort to gain some knowledge from searching an answer for your question!



  1. Hi Vairam………….

    Your works are simply mindblowin. hatsoff dude.

    As everybody know Tamil is a classical language. But is it true that it is mother of all dravidian languages. I hav read in one of ur article givin reference to evolution of kannada frm tamil. But in one article i read only malayalam is an offshoot of tamil. Can u give your opinion over this.

  2. Greetings vairam,

    I hope that i am feeding your selfish desire to search for an answer with a question which i wanted to ask for long.I am curious to know whether there was any reference about science and maths in Tamil literature of the past?

  3. nice work bro ! but is there any way i can get a transliteration of these proverbs.i am unable to read Tamil..would love to see it written in english !

  4. There are bit of reference of astrology here and there in sangam. Tamilians prefered oral method of transmission. So there is as such no manuals like u find in sanskrit literature. Thirukural is probably first literature which talks about various science. Later Pallava period all silpa sutras were written and Shidda period lot of medical treatises were written. Thirumanthiram is treasure house of medicine and yoga.

  5. மதியாதார் முற்றம் மதித்தொரு கால்சென்று
    மிதியாமை கோடி பெறும்

    உண்ணீர் உண்ணீரென்று ஊட்டாதார் தம்மனையில்
    உண்ணாமை கோடி பெரும்

    கோடி கொடுப்பினும் குடிப்பிறந்தார் தம்முடனே
    கூடுதலே கோடி பெறும்

    கோடானு கோடி கொடுப்பினுந் தன்னுடைநாக்
    கோடாமை கோடி பெறும்
    Pl help me in getting the meaning.

  6. Greetings Vairam

    Can you please help me i am looking for the complete words of the a Siddhar song
    “Nattakkallai naathan…………………………….
    Do you have the complete words for this and can you explain the meaning


  7. நட்டகல்லைத் தெய்வம் என்று நாலுபுட்பம் சாத்தியே
    சுற்றிவந்து முணமுணேன்று சொல்லுமந்திரம் ஏதடா
    நட்டகல்லும் பேசுமோ நாதன்உள் இருக்கையில்!
    சுட்டசட்டி சட்டுவம் கறிச்சுவை அறியுமோ? 494
    Why,you fool,
    do you utter mantras,
    murmuring them,whispering,
    going around the fixed stone
    as if it were god,
    putting garlands of flowers around it?
    will the fixed stone speak-
    as if lord were within?
    will cooking vessel ,
    or the wooden ladle,
    know the taste of the curry?
    Translated by Kamil Zvelebil

  8. Hi Mr.Vairam,
    Hats off for your great work.

    I like to use the details you gathered about flowers in kurinji paatu. Please give your mail ID.
    / contact me at

    Thank you.

  9. Vairam, first off great work in organizing all this data for all to read!!.

    I have one question regarding your comments in the Kamba Ramayanam page. You say that Tamils (you refer to Tamils of the 3rd Cen BC to early 4AD, i.e Sangam Tamils, I presume) practiced Maram. Do you mean to say that all tamils of that era practiced Maram exclusively. What about Aram? Was it only reserved for Brahmins who migrated into Tamil country from North?Can you kindly provide your sources for the above inferences? Thanks.

  10. Sangam age is of 1st AD to 3rd century AD.
    Maram was a code of conduct where to die in war was more important. Getting stabbed in the back was great insult. The duty of the king was wage war plunder wealth and give it as gift to poets and bards. War was duty like agriculture. Basically all practices of early Tamils was were completely different to what a common Hindu lives these days.
    For more on this topic I would suggest you to read
    The Poets of Ancient Tamil : Their milieu and their Sanskrit Literature By George L Hart

  11. Can I have an explanation for the following please:

    vaazhndhu kettaalum vadakku – merkkaaithaan ammiyai poduvadhu enbadhu engal pakkathu vazhakkam aanaal thirunelveli thiruchi ponrapagudhigalilo kizhakku merkkaaithaan ammiyai podugiraargal…..

  12. There is a song in pattinathar movie, Iyirandu it a movie song or was it a poem sung by Pattinathar..Can i get the full poem please..

  13. Dear Vairam

    In the film Karnan, I wish to know the meaning of the following sentence.

    “Ullaththil nalla Ullam urangaathenbadhu ….”

    I used to sing this sing when my wife says she could not sleep – just kidding.

    Packirisamy N

  14. first of all, hats off ! great work..more than a question i would like u to suggest some names from tamil literature, for my newly born baby girl..

  15. Happiness:


    valli(flower,goddess – probably the oldest available female name in tamil!)

    தீவிய tīviya(sweet)
    இமிழ் imil ( sweet)

  16. i would like to know something for a long sorry although i think its kinda irrelevant to ask here..

    there is a tamil proverbs which is always mentioned in tamil movies…im not sure how it is realy , but it goes something lke this :
    ‘ Naara vaayanukku ponnu kodutthaalum, nocha vaayanukku ponnu kodukka koodathu..’

    what the proper proverb? N what is the meaning ?
    thank you..

  17. Would you be able to find the meaning for this proverb/saying/pazhmozhi:

    “பல் குன்றக் கோட்டத்துப் பாடிகாவல் வெண்குன்றக் கோட்டத்துப் பட்டி காவலானாற் போல்”


  18. Hi:
    Greetings from Seenivasan.
    I am very happy to learn about your website and happy to read some of them.
    I am looking for English equivalents of the tholkappiam Karupporul. A matrix covering each of the Thinai and the 12 ‘Karupporul’ such as God, Peoples, Food, Animals, Flowers, Trees, Birds, Habitats, Water, Drums,Stringed instruments, Melody and Occupation. I am writing a paper on water and reading Tholkappiam (not the rules but just the schema of the environs described there).
    Keep up the good work.
    Thanks and regards,

  19. Mr. Vairam,

    Kindly explain the meaning of ‘ அகரம் ஏற்றுதல்’
    Thank you

  20. Hi Vairam

    This is a good effort. I am trying to develop a few ideas on ‘tamizh’ culture and history which can be translated to film. I am sorry I haven’t trolled around your site much, but will do soon.

    Three questions to begin with:

    1. What’s the tamil word for compassion? And the root of the word? What’re are the literary instances where the word is mentioned and in which context? The question/ curiosity stems from this:

    2. What’s the history of the ‘Harp’ or ‘Yazh’ as I remember being taught in school in tamil culture. How old has the ‘yazh’ been in existence and what are the literary mentions? Is it was there, what was the music that was made with it and what happened to it? Was it an indigenous instrument (I doubt) or was it due to maritime trade that the instrument found it’s way to tamil country?

    3. Monsieur Valluvar. When did he live? Who was he?

    Thanks man.

  21. Hai Vairam,

    Name the topics that kamban created other than ramayana. Thanks.



  22. There are lot of other works attributed to kamban. But none of them match the literary quality of ramayanam. Hence many scholars believe all others works attributed to him are not actually written by him.

  23. Hello Pallaniappan,
    I am very impressed by your work. Infact i found answers to questions i have been looking for ages. There a number of things which i want to ask you. But, think i will start of with this one..
    The Harrappa and Indus valley civilisations are said to be the most scientiffic and the oldest civilisation that can be traced. From my research over many years (actually 3) i have found out that this settlement could have been that of ‘Adi- Dravidians’ and worship of Lord Shiva was prevalent even then. We are talking about 3000 BC, and you must note that the form of Linga was used back then (this part is officially correct – infact Hinduism is the oldest religion to be still in existence – only stating a fact) and it is believed to be more Dravidian than Aryan. But after reading your opinion on Shiva worship I have hit a blank wall.. Can you pls help me with this?

    – Dr. Karthik M., Perth, Australia

  24. Indus- Harrapan civilizations have very few data to prove any thing. THough there are so many cliams and counter claims on it. While scholars headed by Iravtham Mahadevan claim the Dravidian language and nature of the Indus Civilization , there is a big group of scholars which oppose to this view and claim possible residents of Indus Valley was Munda group of people.
    So till further evidence come to hand we can never be sure of anything.
    Worship of shiva again circumstantial – we can never prove weather it was simple stone worship or Shiva worship. Even in Sangam Tamil and allthorugh Tamil history there were stone worship but not Linga worship, rather it was Hero Stone worship.
    So to go on and calim Hinduism was the oldest religion would be like claiming Taj Mahal is Hindu temple by one author with no evidence.

    And about Hinduism it self I have lot of questions for you… First there is no One – Hinduism… vedic hinduism has different origins and probably Dravidian, Munda Pagan worships had different origins( now everything is clubbed together as Hinduism – 1000 yrs ago shaivism and vaishnavism were different religions!)

    As in language, with data we have we can tell whether some thing is older but can never prove its the oldest!


  25. Hi,
    Thanks for the prompt reply. I was thinking it would take more time than that for you to get back. I think i will go with your view. Seems like a more diplomatic stand than really pulling things apart.
    Before i shoot any more questions I should tell you how i got entangled in reading about the civilisation origins. It all started off when i read an article 9 years back about tamil being a off-shoot of sanskrit. I really didn’t feel that way because the grammar and depth of it was so different. Having referred books on how languages originate, I could roughly say that tamil has atleast a minimum of 2500 years in age. This age factor was the first corner stone questioning the idea of tamil being an off-shoot of sanskrit. While i was on this topic, i got engrossed in reading about races other than dravidian and aryan, and thats where the questions started pouring.
    How can one really ascertain that they are of a dravidian or aryan decent? There seems to be so much over lap since 3-100AD. Infact the races in Northern India, for example, the Sindhi’s who are (also) believed to be the original descendants of Indus Valley civilisations (and hence their name – am not saying this but thats what they claim – not proven fact though) seem to have been untouched by the Dravidian influence (which was the only other race than claims India during the same period) instead has an Aryan influence in language(!!!). So why was there any Aryan influence at all on any of the races? (I am coming from the point of view that Aryan’s originally do not belong to the Indian subcontinent – going to be proven fact – human genomic study and gene matching have helped trace history better than any researcher)
    There is a path-breaking medical research on in 2 places which is trying to map human genome and identify which races are susceptible to which diseases – this will show the close associateness and rest can be collaborated with history and geographical changes – might take another 50 years before thats accomplished.
    So why and how did Aryans get into everyones life in the 1000BC to 100AD?
    How did they ascend tha ladder to better social status than the people of the land?
    These are questions no historian can ever answer.
    But i would like to know is how far back did the Dravidians go back? Whats their origin? their contributions to science?
    Remember – “Anuvai thulaithel Kadalai puguthi kuruga tharitha kural”
    Not only did they know in th existence of atoms, they were far ahead in astrology and medicinal practices. Why didn’t they see the ways of passing on this information? How did they research and find all this information? Were these contributions from the Aryans? Then how come from 100 AD to 1300 AD it did not grow more – because this was the period Aryans were dominating almost all the King’s courts in India?
    There is a bigger, controversial and exciting topic i want to bring up. I am sure you would like to discuss that because this has direct historical referencews BUT makes no sense at all(!!!). I am hoping you could throw aome light on my work.
    Thank you so much.

  26. Let me first put this… any claim or counter claim is based on a evidence…. so if no new evidence is obtained history stands still..when something new comes up history changes….
    eg. we Tamil can be dated as old as 2nd century BC as of now based on evidence…can be pushed to 5th century BC with adichannulur script if proved to be Tamil… so does that mean Tamil did not exist before that?…we all know a oral language exists before literary language we know tamil existed before that…but we can never say for how long till we get evidence….
    If some one says Sanskrit is oldest Indian lanugage or Tamil is oldest Dravidian Language it simply means the claim is based on existing evidence…
    So it is sort of stupid to my knowledge to get into debate which is older which is younger…. we can never prove it!!!

  27. now to the question of descent…

    see when rig veda was written..the oldest of aryan literature…it had contained enough dravidian origin words.. so it simply means when vedas was written the ARYAN RACE AND THE DRAVIDAN RACE HAD MIXED. As Iravatham sir explains… people who live in the same Indus areas for so many 1000 years retain its qualities then people who are away from it for 1000 years….

    To tell you the truth most ppl wont tell is… THERE IS NO ARYAN OR DRAVIDIAN RACE In India… they have been continuously mixing for so many thousand years…so there is no pure aryan or pure dravidians….. only politicians are whipping it up for centuries…

    And another thing when I write ARYAN or DRAVIDIAN in my blog it means LANGUAGE CHAIN NOT THE RACE … ARYANS are people who speak INDO-ARYAN chain of languages and Dravidians are poeple who speak Dravidian chain of languages.

    If you ask me what diff it makes..i will give you an eg… think about a Gujarathi merchant say some 500 years ago setled in Madurai to sell his goods… after 100 years his family stop speaking Gujarathi and speak only Tamil…. and now down the line in present days they dont even know thye had spoken Gujarathi centuries ago…. These people are Dravidian speaking people but of most probably an Aryan race.
    Another eg. is Aishwarya Rai she is Dravdian Speaking (Tulu is her mother tongue) and most probably of Aryan race. (Original Dravidians were negroids… having black skin)…

    Aryan supremacy theory is a load of bull shit… Aryans never conquered the Dravidian or Indus people… they simply settled and mingled. People who stayed in North has continued with the Aryan language and the people in South with lesser influence on Aryan chan of languages persisted with their own language.
    It something like this…say in 20 years – there will be a group of people who will speak mostly in english to make their life easier in TN…while others who are away from globalization will settle with Tamil. If english can be in mouth of every one of us in 200 years – Indo Aryan languages had much larger time span to spread.

  28. what could be the exact translation of the English word “NO” in Tamil?
    illay could be take as NOT isnt it?

  29. இல்லை illai
    , fin. v. < இல்². No; உண் டென்பதன் எதிர்மறை.
    இன்று iṉṟndru
    , < id. part. No; இல்லை.–adv. See இன்றி. உப்பின்று புற்கை யுண்கமா கொற்கை யோனே (நன். 172, மயிலை.).
    this is according to tamil lexicon.

    இன்றிய iṉṛiya
    , adj. < id. That which is not, a word used as a negative affix; இல்லாத. தரித்தாலின்றியவிவற்றை (பெருங். மகத. 14, 214).

    நேதியதுசெய்-தல் nēti-y-atu-cey-
    , v. tr. < id. +. To say that this is not it; to negative; இதுவன்றெனக் கூறுதல். ஆகமுதலன நேதி யதுசெய்து (வேதா. சூ. 29).

    no and not have the same root in tamil.

  30. mikka nanri , Vairam avargale
    indru could be right word.

  31. Hi Vairam, Nice reading your blog. Thanks to all the valuable information you have been providing. Could you please what ”carthila” means in the first printed Tamil book and which language is it?

  32. Where can i get the english translations for the ancient tamil sangam books – பதினென் கீழ்க்கணக்கு and சங்க இலக்கியம் கலித்தொகை. I have heard a lot of this book and i want to read this in english. Can you help?

  33. Dear Vairam,

    Realy you are precious original Vairam. Your effort is awesome. I have a doubt about kingdom of Tamil Nadu. So please give me a answer. In anciant period tamilnadu ruled by Four Major Kings, they are Pallavas, Pandyas, Cholas & Cheras. Then Why are telling “Moovendharkal aanda Tamil Nadu”? (Tamilnadu ruled by Three Vendhars).What about Pallavas?.

    With Regards,


  34. we have trade records from around 700 bc to show thee were kingdoms in south, there are references about pandyas in about 600 BC. And we have references of Chera Chola Pandya in Ashokan edicts around 250 BC. And Pallvas entered only after the Sangam age that is after 3rd century AD. And Pallavas werent Tamil kings. They moved down from North. So traditionally speaking Pallavas weren’t Tamil kings.

  35. Dear Sakotharar/Vairam,

    Thanks for giving answere very soon. I didn’t think so. I am very happy because this is my first time I got clarification through meadium. You have given me that. I have the desire to ask lot of quetion to “Hai Madan” in Ananda Vikatan since my Childhood days. But I have not asked single question due to some circumstances.
    But Now I realy very happy getting reply in my first question itself. Now I have more confidence to use the internet meadium and you.Apart from that I salute you for your valuable efforts/work towards OUR GREAT TAMIL LITERATURE. I would like to become your freind. My Name is C.ALAGU. My email ID is Please send me the Dr.Kamil’s books as you said in your post.
    I have been reading your blog for last three months. You have clarified lot of thinks without my question. I have become a fan to you. I wish you that God give more years to you to serve the Tamil.

    With Regards,


  36. Hi Vairam,
    You are doing a really fabulous work. Keep it up.
    Coming to the questions,
    1. What possibly could have destroyed Indus valley civilization?
    2. What is your opinion on Parpola’s work on deciphering Indus scripts?
    3. I always see a bias in approach from people who are doing the research about history. Even in linguistics you can see that. Why is that?
    4. If the sculptures are taken as evidence, then i have a little doubt on it. The word’s meaning which is used some 2000 years ago might have changed now. Is that perspective considered while deciphering sculptures?
    Also can you please share the books to my mail-id :
    PS: For Q.1 i have read in some place saying natural calamity could have been one reason for that. But to destroy such a big civilization some thing other than that should have happened. Please can you get me some more info on that?

  37. 1.The most logical explanation to ur question 1 is over exploitation. Indus was occupied by Indus valley people and new entrants the aryans came in. The Aryans had multiple sites of settlement and 2 phase of arrival to Indus. Indus civilization unlike most think was not concentrated at one place. It extended from Afghanistan to Gujarat along the Indus banks. So in a region when only one group lives it is equitable and with continous influx of news entrants- the resources has to be shared with more people. It like gold rush – for the intial people who go they get enough gold but with more and more people coming in the probability of finding goal decreases exponentially. So new settler settled in north of Indus valley and their population grew and the with possible one season of drought the people in south of Indus might have suffered a huge lot. This period of over exploitation made groups a people move down south from Surastra gujrat region to deccan and below. This is the more widely accepted theory but not the absolutely accepted theory. But things that are proved beyond any doubt is that there was no aryan dravidian war which aryans won and took over indus valley.
    2. There are 3 schools of thought 1. Indus valley people was dravidian 2. Indus valley people were neither dravidian or aryan but hey were munda. 3. Indus valley scripts are not a scripts of language so any conclusion about who lived there based on these scripts is not valid. There are lot of proponents of School 1 and 3. Both have equal proofs to discredit each other and no consensus has been made in Indus valley scripts. Parpola Iravtham mahadevan are proponents of first school of thought.
    3. Bias is something u cant avoid esp when u belong or like or accept one of them over another.There is no unbaised work any where!
    4. If your talking about Indus that is the concern of the 3rd school of thought… because there is not enough scriptures to say that the scriptures are language. But say if we get a tamil scripture 2000 years old we can decipher the words because there is continuous data available..for eg script Tamils used 2000 years ago was tamil brahmi then they moved to vatteluthu – tamil brahmi was not propely deciphered till 1950s – pioneering work of Iravatham Mahadevan has helped us decipher most tamil brahmi now. So if you have continuous data then it is very proven way to decipher things about a culture. But Indus valley case we don’t have enough data yet.

  38. Hi Vairam,
    Thanks for your reply.
    Regarding 4th question, adding more clarity to the question- i have heard the word “நெய்” which was actually meant as “எண்ணெய்” in ancient time. Now both the words have different meaning. Similarly you can say the word “மாத்திரை” also. In that context, it will be very difficult to decipher the script and come to a conclusion. Isn’t it?
    – Do you know any source(links, books, etc) which explains Tamil Etymology ?
    – Can i get any info about any project which is developing softwares for Tamil? Currently i believe the work whatever is going on is in very scattered way. So if possible, you can write an article about that. Because I believe, in coming years the technology(im not including cutting edge technolgy) is one critical parameter to determine the value/life of a language. please provide your thought on that.

  39. Dear Sir, 3-7-2010

    I want to read Chilappathikaram with full Tamil verses and Tamil meanings explained nearby them in the internet. Is it available in your website or Please suggest a suitable website.

    Thanking you,


  40. murugan , tamil god rite but most of works praising him s in sanskrit or sanskrit derived or translated works oly.wy so. even kantha SHASHti kavasam has SHA t sanskrit word .wy. neglecting my grammer mistakes could u pls reply….im sorry if my doubt s not worth enough 2 b answered

  41. Only Sangam we see clear Tamil Murugan…after that the Murugan we see is integration of Sanskrit Skanda and Tamil Murugan, so any work after sangam literature you would have sanskrit puranic literature influence.

  42. Could you kindly describe how the Tamils have contributed to mathematics and science.
    i recently read kankathigaram, but that books seems to be very complicated, if possible kindly simplify that.

  43. I will get back to you soon sir. And about simplification I am not yet a scholar – I am just a guy who interested in Sangam and trying my level best to learn it!

  44. what could be the exact masculine gender word for “VAYADI” which means a talkative girl?

  45. engal thamil.ungal tahmil,emathu thamil,namathu thamil enna withthiyaasam?

  46. hai vairam, ur work is very impressive ..well i need a help also .. i am also doing a blog and site … well i need tree picture .. can u help me ..

    pls do visit the blog

    pls do let me know ur suggestions

  47. தங்களுடைய பூக்களைப்பற்றிய பதிவினை கண்டேன். மிக நல்ல பதிவு. அதற்காக தங்கள் செய்திருக்கும் தேடல் மிக மிக விரிவானது என்பதை ஊகிக்க முடிகிறது. வாழ்த்துக்கள்!

  48. Moongil elai maley thoungum pani neeray thoungum pani neerai vangum kathironay – I heard this line was written by Kambar and there is a story behind this line. Do you know that? If you know could you please give me reply and source?

  49. Hi,

    This is a great blog, useful for amature like me. I am interested in reading Smile of murugan by Kamil Zvelebil. Could you share me a soft copy if you have one? Thanks a lot for the great composition.

    my mail id:

  50. hai br , can u pl tell enlighten me what software that ur using to type tamil in ur blog thank u


  51. Hello Vairam, Your blogs are so interesting and informative, I got hooked up few months ago thru PS group and now I am not able to stop reading these. I was reading one of your older blogs about Ravana versus Raman and you wrote about Guptas influence on to Tamil chieftain & Pallavas. How do you fit early Chola’s time into this timeframe? I read Guptas belong to 3rd century?

    Keep up your excellent work..

  52. I came across your blog’s page about the act of slicing a dead infant/stillborn child by sword so it may enter heaven. On the same page, it also talks about the belief that one must die by the sword in battle to reach Paradise. Was there a solidified Tamil Warrior Code and/or Philosophy that most warriors and their kings followed? Something like the Chivalry codes of Knights or the Bushido code of Japan?

  53. I would like to know if Lord Brahma, the creator and Brhmam (Parabrahmam- the ultimate) are the same? Lord Brahma is worshipped and some temples are there. But for Barahman no idol worship and self realization is the answer as I understand. Can you please suggest the reality between the two?

    Thank you

  54. I am not much into Pihilosophy or Dwita advita…as far as I know Brahman is the godly state… Advita says that every person is a god himself..only thing he dosent realize it..when he realizes that he is god he attains the state of a brahman… this state is diff from brahmin or brahma
    Advita says… what it may be a man cannot become a god…he is ray from sun light..not the sun itself…

  55. The books that you have mentioned about Sangam Literature, like the ones by Kamil V Zvelebil & A V Subramanian…….Where can one find them? Any specific bookstore or any dealer….?

  56. Most of these books are out of print. If you are in chennai you can get hold of them in Roja Muthiah LIbrary in Adyar.
    International institue ofTamil studies and Institue of Asian studies and SHiva Shiddantha Publications too have some Zvelebil titles. You can try contacting any of the publishers.

  57. பட்டுக்கு தீட்டு இல்லை please explain this proverb

  58. hi vairam,
    I have four tamil short stories which are written by me. I want to publish those stories as a book. Is there any registration and publishing rules?. Could you tell me the procedure?

  59. Hello Sir,
    I am not into publishing. You approach either publishing houses or do Print on demand Publishing.
    I am sorry I am not able to give any further information.

  60. Hi i am karthikeyan and i am new to this site .
    can i have the poem….

    “sengaatil aadugindra deasiganai potraamal
    angaadi naai pol alaindhanaye nenjamey!”

  61. Hi Viram,

    I stumbled upon your writing whilst searching for a ritual that I am told was practiced during the Sangam period. My search brought me to your article titled ‘Understanding some problems in Tamil Literature through Tamil Cinema!’. I loved reading every bit of it. I have stopped searching for sources now as I am convinced that you are a store house of information. I am glad to have spotted you. You have written a vast amount and I will surely read them all but my impatience leads me to wonder if you probably might also have written about the ritual I was searching for. I am told the ritual was called, ‘Manjal Neeraatu Vizha’. If you have touched upon the subject please direct me to your writing or else you could probably share with me what you know about the same. The significance of the ritual was that it provided a platform for unmarried women and men to meet once a year under the guise of a festival where it would have been possible for them to choose a mate.

    Looking forward to your views

  62. Kandha Sashti Kavacham?
    What do we know about the song?
    And are there any studies on Muruga as a tribal forest king?


  63. HI Vairam

    I guess you’ve been keeping busy. Don’t see much of your posting lately.

    I thought I will remind you of the questions I had posted a bit earlier. Now that winter is upon us, may be it is time to take those books out 🙂 Hope you’re doing fine and continuing to read a lot…

    Hi Vairam
    This is a good effort. I am trying to develop a few ideas on ‘tamizh’ culture and history which can be translated to film. I am sorry I haven’t trolled around your site much, but will do soon.
    Three questions to begin with:
    1. What’s the tamil word for compassion? And the root of the word? What’re are the literary instances where the word is mentioned and in which context? The question/ curiosity stems from this:
    2. What’s the history of the ‘Harp’ or ‘Yazh’ as I remember being taught in school in tamil culture. How old has the ‘yazh’ been in existence and what are the literary mentions? Is it was there, what was the music that was made with it and what happened to it? Was it an indigenous instrument (I doubt) or was it due to maritime trade that the instrument found it’s way to tamil country?
    3. Monsieur Valluvar. When did he live? Who was he?
    Thanks man.

  64. 1. please look at different words for compassion here.
    2. We cannot answer the question as we dont have written history…all history we have of Sangam age is gleened from poems of 4-15 lines. Yall might have been a native string insturment. There were different yaazh and different techniques and tunes to be played and diff seasons and time.. comparing harp to yaazh is like comparing the string insturment made out of kottankuchi and violin or veena and sitar… yaazh was native string instrument and Harp was string instrument of the west.. silpathikaram has detailed accoutn of how to use yaazh how to generate different freq music etc..since i am not music expert I cant go any further than this…
    3. We dont have any history to suggest whether Valluvar was man or women… all are legends written centuries after thirukkural was written.

  65. Hi Vairam

    Thanks for that on ‘yaazh’ comment. Will you be able to tell me in what exact parts of the work the reference to yaazh appears please? I think you would’ve read the whole and may readily be able to reference back?

    It was interesting to read about ‘Kanda shasti kavasam.’ A good reference book to have would be

    Gives a nice framework to understand settling patterns of various peoples. Although the book is quiet thick and not very high on readability, as I said it’ll be a good reference book to approach Gods (like Muruga) as a historical demi-god/ boundary-god/ protector of a large clan of people who established peace and prosperity (at least he had the licence to have two wives!). What is interesting about the kavacham is that it’s rich language as well. Rakana rarasa rarararara, reegana bavasa ririririri, rigagana ‘Saravana’ neera namo nama, rigana ‘Saragana’ niraniranirana. Sounds like good language training to kids for me 🙂 Was it a way to teach new sounds to people? Would we have had harsh ra sounds in language (tamizh as it would’ve been spoken when kavacham was composed) and could it have been that ‘Muruga- the ruler of the lands with huge plans of expansion’ bank-rolled poets to write a song which would not only be fun for kids to learn, easier to memorise, contain lots of abstract references to his (or her?) glory and benevolence as the ruler and not to mention make learning of new sounds easy through songs?

    What do you do for a living Vairam?

  66. Vanakkam Vairam,
    I love all the good work that you doing for Tamil. Like you, I live in the U.S. and want to help those who want to learn Sangam Tamil, which I have been fortunate to learn from a good teacher.
    I’ve started a blogsite for the sole purpose of learning Sangam Tamil books in an easy manner. The site is My Tamil professor friend Dr. R. Rukmani (professor at Queen Mary’s College, Chennai) has published 4 of the PathuPaattu songs with an easy learning method – para by para and word by word in easy Tamil, and is about to publish 2 more. She has permitted me to put the lessons part of her book on this site. Her goal is to do all the 18 Sangam books in the next couple of years.
    I have MullaiPattu and Nedunalvadai up right now. Won’t you please check out the site and help promote it.
    As Dr. George Hart says, the Sangam books are the treasures of the Tamils, and I’d like each one of us to be able to learn them in the original Tamil. Dr. Rukmani has made it possible through an easy method.

  67. Sir,

    Do you please send me Patinathaar padalgal with meaning in PDF format ? Where to find the life history of patinathar ?

    Please help !

    Hariharan PS
    +91 9092602340

  68. Dear sir,

    I want to understand the word to word meaning of thirukkuraL.. can you please help..

    My website is

    and I can be reached at sundarrajan DOT g DOT s in gmail account.

    would appreciate your help.

  69. அஞ்சும் நடை கெஞ்சும் இடை மஞ்சு நிகர் குழலும் பிஞ்சுமதி நுதலினிலோர்
    செஞ்சுடர் போல் திலகம் கொஞ்சுமொழி அஞ்சுகம் உன் விஞ்சுமெழில்
    வடிவென் நெஞ்சமதைத் தஞ்சமெனக் கெஞ்சிடவே செய்யும் .

    Sir I want the Meaning of These Lines, Pls Help Me…

  70. Ramya, Here’s a translation:

    [Your] Trepiduous walk, beggering curves, hair swift as bull
    The red mark on your head: brightspot on a moon so full
    Oh, sweet talking parrot, in your conquering shades of shape
    My wandering heart pleads true sanctuary and ‘scape.

    Hope this is not for any academic project. If yes, you should credit Vairam’s website.

    The translation is true (I hope) to the essence of the poem, but not word by word. Translations are always difficult, you lose and gain some by it.


    Anjum – fearsome
    nadai – walk
    kenjum – begging
    edai – hip
    manju – bull
    khuzal – hair (feminine only)
    pinju madhi – moon (young moon)
    chenjudar pol – Like flaming red
    thilagam – pottu (on forehead)
    konju mozhi – charming language
    anjugam – parrot
    un vijumezhil – your conquering grace
    vadivu – shape
    nenjam – heart/ bosom
    thanjam – refuge/ sanctuary
    kenju – to beg/ cajole

  71. Dear vairam,There is a mention in tho;kappiam about Nanmarai.Ifso does it mean 4 vesasor some other texts?
    If the word nanmarai means the aryan vedas whether tolkapiar was influenced by vedic religion? pl calarify. bala

  72. i want to knw , what was our (Tamils) worshiping style. …. ..any Idol Worship …or there was no idol worship in our ancient period ?

  73. rararara, I dont think ‘Manju’ means bull in this context. Manju also means jewel. This that could be it. Even ‘Anjum’ I think should have a different meaning. Can someone comment please.

  74. Dear Vairam,

    Great to see your site a major breakthrough in my controversial topic learnings.

    I am trying to figure out source of few things as part of my research. Do you have any quotes or statements related to Saint Agastya (Agathiyar/Agathiyan). Any idea / clues about his period?

    Since he is quoted in siddha and you might have read about siddha by Kamil Zvelebil…

    Thanks in Advance.

  75. hi vairam,
    can u say me an english proverb corresponding to வான் அளவு உயர்ந்தாலும் வந்த வழி மறவாதே.

  76. hi
    awesome job by u..
    u gav a link to silapadikaram
    but whn i install the tamil fonts given there it turns out to be roman letters and im not able to read in me

  77. Hey Vairam I searched for the book “The smile of Murugan: on Tamil literature of South India”..The book is available but it is very costly in both and……(more than Rs 10000)…Can I get the book for cheap prices…I’ve a friend in Chennai…Can u suggest me a bookshop where I can get that book and also the price…

  78. Dear Vairam and Friends,

    Me and my family is looking for Pure Thamizh names to name my second son. The name should be followed by ‘Selva’ (FYI: I’ve named my firs son as ‘Selva Muhil’).
    My Wife is suggesting ‘Selva Mugundhan’ and Claiming that ‘Mugundhan’ is a Tamil Word with the meaning ‘Malarum Mottu’, which is being confirmed by her school Thamizh Teacher.
    But, I’m not convinced.
    Please help me on this doubt and it would be great, if you could suggest me couple of Senthamizh names.

    Thanks for your work.

  79. Mukundan Tamil aaka peyar.. Tamil peryar alla. Mukundan is derived from Mukunda.

    Considering your first son’s name is Selva Muhil, why dont u consider Selva Magizh – meaning rich smile!

  80. Hi dude!
    I have a question..
    I’ve been googling a lot recently regarding the tamil race, indus valley civilization etc..And I somehow feel, that
    kumari kandam, indus valley civilization, Dravidians, jainism, Aryans, Vedas, siva, murugan, catacysm are all somehow, related to one another. But the picture is not clear. These look like hints and I need them to be developed to a complete story.

    Do you have any idea/ do you have an opinion as to what actually could have happened? If yes, can you take me thru the chain of events in the history starting from the kumari kandam (if at all you think that must have been the starting point?)?

  81. Stumbled upon your blog and bookmarking it as well. First – something that I’ve been looking for a long time now – can you recommend the best english translation of Silappadikaram and Ponniyi selvan? This is for a non tamil friend who is an avid reader. Thanks in advance.


  82. Hi Vairam,
    This s my first msg to u.. My sister has given a birth to a boy bady. Can u suggest a pure tamil(Sanga tamil) name for him.

  83. Dear Vairam, ur doing a great service in spreading our Thai mozhi! Very proud of your contributions. Its very inspiring.

    Narpani Thodarattum 🙂

    Nandri, vanakkam.


  84. Dear Vairam,

    My Q is very basic in comparison to others posted here. As i didnt concentrate on Tamil during my school days and post that I didnt study tamil at all, my reading/writing of Tamil is very poor. I sincerely want to improve myself in this area. Could you please advice how can I start on that. May be if you can suggest some book, it will be helpful.


  85. Can I get list of pure trendy girl baby name in tamil. Pleae help me thanks

  86. Dear Vairam,

    I really enjoyed reading and viewing your Tamil flower gallery. Could you please let me know the exact English name of the flower Kumudam and more info about this flower? Thank you very much.

  87. an old tamil song says the man do not have any gray hair. his teeth are in full form,his eye sight is good .All these are because he have cooperative wife what litratuer have thia son please give th full song

  88. வணக்கம் வைரம்..

    தமிழ் எண்களில், பத்து, இருபது, முப்பது என்று சொல்வதெல்லாம் பத்தின் மடிப்புகள்…

    எ.க.: இரு பத்து, முப் பத்து…

    இவ்வாறு செல்கையில் எவ்வாறு தொண்ணுறு வந்தது??? அது ஒன்பது + பத்து என்றல்லவா வரவேண்டும்…

    அது சரி… ஒன்பது என்பதே ஒன்று + பத்து என்றுதானே வருகிறது!! 😦

    ஆறு, ஏழு, எட்டு எல்லாம் தனித்தனி வார்த்தைகள்… அனால், ஒன்பது (அல்லது தொன்பது) எவ்வாறு பத்தையும் ஒன்றையும் இணைக்கின்றது???

  89. Sir, This is Vinodh, from Bangalore. I’d like to read about literature and learn more on this. I have set my goal is to read atleast one book of Iymperumkappiyam. Please let me know the best book to start reading and where i will fin dit.

  90. Hi Vairam, I accidentally came across your Blog while searching for information on ancient Tamil literature. You are doing a highly commendable job in maintaining this Blog and providing information on Tamil language. Now the questions
    Did Tamils have a caste system as rigid as vedic people ? If yes, was this caste sanctified like in Rig Veda ? When did sanskrit seep into Tamil language ? Please provide your answers with possible references from Literature. Thank you in advance

  91. Sir,

    Can you please tell me names which start with “Ma” tamil acsent for Girl Child.

  92. I have a request Mr.vairam.I have heard that the book
    authored by A K R viz.., Interior landscape has an
    excellent introduction to Sangam Lit. at the end of the
    book.Could you please send them to me by mail
    to, as I have no other means of
    getting it,since I live in a town near Tiruchy in TN

    Thanking you,

  93. I am a P6 boy.Im goin for my psle.Can u pls teach me a way to memorize all my P3 to P6 proverbs


  95. Hi Mr Vairam

    I had mailed you at requesting you, if its possible, to email me pdfs of some of the sangam poetry translations that you have mentioned. As I have not heard from you, i was wondering if you received my mail. I would be grateful if you could drop me a line in reply.


  96. Honorable Mr vairam
    This is my first post in karka and i am not asking anything related to the literature but i have doubts in tamil forum. Any tamil forum is providing service or invented any software program for translation in English to tamil. i am not asking english to tamil dictionary. why i asking these information means i tried my level best i didn’t find any websites. so please help me to find the website or software

  97. Hi,
    I am looking for Thirukural in Portuguese language.. can you please help me in finding it. Thanks.
    – Kumar

  98. i am looking for pure tamil names(in the name of lord thirumal) for my new born boy. can you pls suggest few names for me?

  99. Hi Vairam Sir, Can u put a list of tamil sangam names by any chance … we find lot of names list in google not our tamil sangam names

  100. Hi Vairum,

    God gifted me a babyboy on Jan 4, and i would like to keep tamil name. Need Li, lu, le, lo, so, sow. I referred many names but not yet satisfied. So pls suggest me some names, want some stylish, easy to pronounce by people, meaningful. Can u my friend

    Thanx in advance

  101. How about naming your children Avaiyar; or Valluvar or K.B. Sundarambal..

    Ignorant plebs….

  102. I want to know the clear details about the jewels used in ancient days and referal site for that please

  103. Ref: Nattakallai…
    With all due respect,
    I think the meaning for ” nathan ull irukkaiyil” is not as translated by Mr. Vairam but
    I feel it means-When God is within you why do you go around a stone murmuring mantras..Look into you to find God – just don’t blindly go through gestures.

    Kudos for great service!

  104. Sorry Mr. Vairam, the translation was done by Kamil Zvelebil, but I still think “Nathan ull irukkayil” means “When God is within you”

    Any comments on that?

    I am grateful to all you for all these postings and comments, bless you!

  105. hi vairam,

    just happen to go through this page for the first time. had made up to visit hereon , to know some facts and the interesting discussions on the same. I found this page, on my search for the image and scientific name of “Kurundha maram”.

    As you have posted some pictures of 99 sanga malargal of kurnthogai and some birds, i trust, you may be able to help me in knowing this tree aswell.

    The reason for which am interested in knowing about the tree is ” Saint Manickavasagar got his gnana deekshai from Lord Shiva under this Kurundha maram”.

    awaiting for your reply.

    wishes & regards”

  106. Hi ,

    Could u tell me the name of the bow that rama broke in sita’ s swayamvaram in ” Kambaramayanam”

  107. please give me tamil translation for the proverb!!

    eagle doesn’t catch flies

    reply it as soon as possible

  108. Can you kindly tell me what happened to Madhavi after she became a Buddhist monk. How did she lead her life after the death of Kovalan? How did she die eventually? Kindly tell me. Thanks,

  109. Hi Vairam. In trying to complete my massive history of India, I am presently hung up on a list of Sangam era Chera kings. There are many versions – Wikipedia has three! There’s supposed to be one or more Tamil works that lists Chera kings. Can you tell me which it is so that I can hopefully come up with a sensible list? Thank you. Stephen


  111. Hi Friend I need some literature words for the word ” காவலன் “. Can you help me?

  112. Daer Viaram,

    Please send me names of plants and flowers associated to the ancient Tamil period – The Cholas, Cheras perid

  113. Hi Vairam,

    your work on kurinjipaatu and its slide show on flowers are really awesome…. keep it up.

    It would also help if you tell us how our tamil leaders and makkal used these flowers in terms of their life? for eg: I read that the king and the soldiers will wear a VAAGAI malar Kreedom if they won a battle.

  114. nanbarukku vanakkam. Abraham panditharin isai noolgal(karnamirtha saaharam?) patri solla mudiyumaa?

  115. Hi Vairam,
    Do we have any oniline PDFs for agananooru poems with meaning in tamil..

  116. atra kulathil aru neeer paravai pol
    ooti uravar uravu ala
    kotiyum ambalum pol
    uravar uravey uravu.

    can u say the title of this poem. or to which this poem belongs to?

  117. I’m not got clear meaning of “Hats off” please send me a clear meaning in tamil

  118. Hi Sir,
    I would like to ask you if there exist any good etymological and/or linguistic dictionary that gives a clear cut idea about origin of words (i.e., all the words as morphemes or standalone phonemes) in Tamil? (The Dravidian Etymological dictionary that you mentioned in your blog was not of any help to me) It would be good if it contains details about the phonological shifts that produced the word. Thank you


  119. god, i want to know all the answers of the things you asked in your question! 😛 this is coo cool 🙂
    ive always never been good that good at tamil, but i always found the language so amazing and complex!
    me and my friend always found that tamil literature had a lot of eroticism, but of course we never had it in any of our lessons or poems.
    if people were so free about describing thing (may it be the female body, love…) why are we so conservative today?
    and did silapathikaram really happen?
    and i want to read about kaamathupaal from thirikural, where can i find it? ive read enough of porutpaal and arathupaal 😛
    and all agathinai paadalgal from tholkaapiyam, pathupaattu and ettuthogai have the five thinais, did they really exist? (like the five types of land)
    is sanskrit older than tamil? :\
    stories like kundalakesi are so funny, like how she just falls in love with some felon from the streets and marries him and then kills him, lol. are they true?
    if i want to take a look at these original manuscripts, is there any museum i can go to?
    are the vedas connected to tamil?
    i can keep asking questions, i want to know a lot about this wonderful language !
    ill be waiting for a reply,
    thank you 🙂

  120. Vairam,

    I’m new to your blog and find it really interesting. I was reading your post on the Tamil concept of love, love making and divinity in which you’ve mentioned a poem from Thiruvasagam. (IV.59-70). Thiruvasagam is supposed to be an anthology of poems on Saiva Sidhantham, right? Isn’t Manikavasagar talking about his union with Shiva in the poem? You have interpreted it as a girl’s yearning for her man. Could you elaborate?


  121. good evening sir i need gomathi amman pillai tamil and gomathi amman paamaalai written by late chocka natha pillai avargal can u have it please inform thanku

  122. Vazhga neengal seiyum thondu mahathanatuu. Oru siru kelvi..” venkayam sukkananal venthyathal avathenna enath thodangum padal mzumaiyum tharungallp padal entha noolil varukirathu. Nanri

  123. Hello all,
    I’m starting up a small company majorly focusing on making people’s life easier. It’s an IT solutions company. What I would like to do is to bring web applications, dashboard solutions, mobile apps etc. to spend less time spent in front of computer so people can make their life easier and enjoy life to the fullest.

    I want to name my company in Tamil, even though it is going function in Canada. Is there a good ancient Tamil word to describe something like : ‘making people’s life easy’ ‘ simple life’ along that line?

    Your help is really appreciated. Thanks.


  124. Vairam, Do you have any suggestions for a book on Kambar Ramayanam. Either English or Tamil?

  125. Hi Sir, Can you please refer some sanga ilakiya paadalagal related to marriage(with english translation)?

  126. I first read about it in a newspaper article a few months ago,
    and have since come across more references and testimonials.
    I know, the Internet is helpful, but still, not everything you can find, believe or trust.
    Coconut oil for weight loss also slows down digestion which helps you to feel
    full longer after a meal.

  127. Hi Vairam..
    Im a cinematographer planning to make a music short. / video.. depictin a gal in ancient tamil literature.. is there any images we can find. online. or in books.. or wat kind of concepts we can go about girl/women n those days..

  128. in this blog I find that you have translated manju as bull. I think what is meant is cloud( manju). ref rararara in dec 2010. just a suggestion not finding fault.
    my knowledge of Sangam lit is limited. I think passage of time is measured in days and seasons. Tamil months do not have a mention.unless in Sangam days months were called by some other names.Can you explain.

  129. Hi Vairam,

    I remember a small poem attributed to Avvai, where she describes her experiences in ‘Vazhuthi veettu kalyanam’, and I distinctly remember the lines ‘Nerukkunden, thallunden, neel nirai pasiyil vaadi surukkunden sor-undilen’, and when offered a simple meal of curd rice and brinjals, goes on to compare that meal with the one offered in the wedding. I am unable to find this in the web – can you please post something about this?

  130. Dear Sir,
    This is regarding “Kuravam”, one of the 99 flowers in Kurinjipattu. It is identified as Tarenna asiatica. The same name is the first flower mentioned in Silappathikaram-
    in Madurai kandam in chapter Puranjeri Irutha Kathai, poem no 13 -Vaiyai Vanappu. It is mentioned along with other flowers which are identified as trees, whereas Kuravam has been identified as Tarenna which is a shrub. Is it possible that Kuravam could be some other tree? Please explain?
    Dr Badri Narayanan

  131. “Asiatic Tarenna is a compact bush to a small tree, up to 6 m tall. Bark is greyish brown, scaly; blaze with orange speckles. Elliptic to elliptic-ovate, leaves are 8-18 cm long, 4-8 cm wide, with short elongation at the tip. Leaf stalk is up to 0.5-2 cm. Leaf margin is entire and somewhat curled. Flowers are borne in corymb-like cymes, at the end of branches. They are cream to yellow, nearly stalkless, with 5 oblong petals. Stamens are 5, with large anthers. Fruit is a 2-celled berry, with many seeds. Asiatic Tarenna is found in Western Ghats.”
    Tamil – Kuramaram – probably in wild the shrub in wild grows tall enough to look like a small tree

  132. Great job palani.. can you please tell me some good tamil names starting with ‘Thu’ (Ex: Tulasi, Thunai etc).. planning to name my little angel with some good pure/ancient tamil name

  133. hi sir can u list me the sounds made by the birds and animals in tamil language for example : elephant-philirum.

  134. Hello Sir, Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge through this interesting blog. Is it possible for you to post Thalavilasam’ written byThirukudanthai Arunachalam here?

    a j mithra

  135. Someone please give me the true meaning of this tamil proverb.
    “paambin kaal paambu ariyum”.

  136. Dear Sir Vairam,

    I am looking for pure and unique Tamil name for my daughter. We had selected the name “Thendral”, now a days one Tamil serial is going on. We felt everyone say serial name. If you would let me know alternate words for “Thendral”. it would be good.

    If you refer me any website to check pure tamil names. Thanks for that.


  137. What is the meaning for the tamil proverbs
    Manthirathaal maangaai vilathu
    siruthuli peruvellam


  139. im looking some informations for the essay”tamil thiraipada padalgalil pira mozhi thakkam”….i couldn’t gather much information ..plz help me out on this topic

  140. Hi,

    Vairam.. why can’t you start one whole series of any particular tamil literature like chilapathigaram (like kurunthogai) covering all songs.. we youngsters would like to learn these things but its really difficult to start with book.. please do consider about opening one complete series.. If not possible by you, please ask your friends to do the same.. ? Imagine all tamil youngsters subscribing and reading “Thinam oru silapathigara or pari padal or kamba ramayanam” with all its meanings, details, picture in their android apps.. I want that to happen.. Please..

  141. Dear Viram,
    can you pls suggest a pure Tamil Names for my Girl baby in De, Dho, Cha, Che

    thanks regards
    saravanan K

  142. Hello Vairam,
    I came across your site, when I was looking for 16 selvams (Pathinaru selvam) or wealth. Incidentally, I could not locate that info. Trust you can help me. English Translation will be much useful.
    Further, this is what I want to say about your service:
    You are helping the youngsters to appreciate their own language and rich heritage. Also you are guiding them to enjoy the fruits in their own garden, often which they are unaware. It’s a great service!
    May God Bless You.

  143. Dear Vairam,
    I would like to know the list of nine grains ‘navathAniyangaL’. I heard from common people and also on Internet that pulses are included in this list (example, horse gram, black gram, sesame, chickpea etc). Actually, ‘thAniyam’ stands for ‘cereals’, I’m wondering how pulses are included in thAniyam? and I guess that its not the real list of the nine grains. If you have any idea, could you please let me know the actual nine grains, from any reliable source.

    Thanks a lot in advance.

  144. What is Madurai Kalambagam about? Are they coherent poetry based on a central theme with a inter-linked story or random verses based on Shiva in Madurai? Which period does the literature belong to?

  145. I want to know the tamil meaning for these words….suppose,hung up,freak out,copy that,even,but why,why not,eventhough…..I’m so confused by using this words.when i speak….so please tell actual tamil meaning for this words…….

  146. tamil ilakkkiyathil ulla ariviyal saandrugal patriya kuripugal kidaika udhavungal

  147. Thiru vairam avargale,
    ayya enakku namathu aymperum kappiyangalai thelivana urainadaiyodu padikka vendum enru oru aaval. ovoru kappiyathayum nandraka vilakiyulla ovoru nalla noolasiriyar peyaraiyum kuripittal mikka uthaviyaga irrukum.


  148. What is the tamil name of the chamomile flower and how we call i tamil
    please help me.
    My name is J.S.Gogul kumar

  149. How do you spell “ச” ? Is it “cha” or “sa” ? I use it either ways but this query popped when I remembered the “ஸ”. So ச sounds cha only? Tamil didn’t have a sa until ஸ?

  150. யானைக்கு ஒரு காலம் vanthaal poonaiku oru kaalam varum
    What does this proverb mean? Is it correctly put or over the years the actual proverb got changed to this one as its very difficult to find any meaning in this one.

  151. Dear Thiru.Vairam,
    ‘புலியை முறத்தால் விரட்டிய’ பாடல் தமிழ் இலக்கியத்தில் எங்கே வருகிறது?. பல நாட்களாக தேடி வருகிறேன். தயவு செய்து எந்த பகுதி பாடல் எண்ணை குறிப்பிடவும்.


  152. i need ramayanam book in seconds? any one plz help me.. bez i want to know the ramayanam story…

    thank you

  153. Happy Morning Mr.Vairam,

    I am an English literature student who has taken a liking towards Tamil literature. In English literature we learn the nuances of poetry writing. Similarly, I am looking for a simple book/textbook of either
    how to write Tamil poetry or
    explaining the writings of Tamil poetry methods or
    how do I understand Tamil poetry writing.

    Since you are so resourceful I am sure the answer to my quest will rest here
    Happy Day
    Malathi Swaminathan

  154. Where can I find Thooya Thamil words for the normal Thamil words? For example, “I” means Azhagu, Aanmai, Veeram. I am looking for words/phrases like Thadaiyara Thakka, Vaaranam Aayiram, oodal, thuya tamil words for Love, education, Review, Peace, Sakthi,, Book, Cinema etc.

  155. Hi all..I am from Coimbatore. I am doing ePub projects. I have done Tamil and old vedic script,Sanskrit language into editable text ePub. Find me on If anyone wants to convert their books into ePub kindly contact me.

  156. Hi Friends,

    I am also one of the Tamil lover like you.. I have a business mind whenever I am going to start my new project I assign a Tamil name. I first attempt is “YALI”.. Now I am going to start my second one..

    I looking a word as its tell to my concept like Idea or Innovative or search. I find “Thedal” is opt to me, but I expect bit more best Tamil word..

    If you know any word kindly forward to my mail id

    Mani S

  157. Hi Vairam,
    I have been searching for a Agam poem about the plight of ‘sevili thay’. I vaguely remember my tamil teacher describing the scene as follows,
    “The hero and heroine eloped and passed through wasteland (Palai). The foster mother went after looking for her daughter and found two footsteps leading towards palai path. From the size of footstep she assumed one is her daughter’s and other steps are the guy who took her girl. She went cursing until she reached the palai land and found that now there are no more two steps, but only one which is hero’s steps. She now appeased and wished the lover a good luck assuming that the hero did not want to hurt the lover and lifted her on his shoulder to walk through the waste land.”
    Could you tell me what Agam peom is this?


  158. hi sir.
    “thinai alavu pothaa siru pul neer neenda panaiyalavu kaanum padaithaal’..
    this is mostly from kamba raamayanam as I far as I can remember.
    can you tell me where and in what context these lines were written.
    Some lines before and after these lines would be helpful.

  159. Hey, great site. Heartfelt thanks for your efforts to revive our language

    I am searching for gender common names for ‘cool’ (in terms of character). All the words I find are meaning in terms of temperature. I am looking for pure tamil words that indicate easy-going, cool, chill, composed, always-happy

    This is to name our coming-up addition to our family. We (including the future human) will owe you if you can input

    Thanks in advance

  160. Dear Sir,

    There is a book which was referred by my 12th standard teacher, as well as he explained that, Kambar has explained in a wonderbul way about sita, Kambanaa? Kaamanaa? would like to know what is your opinion about that book!!!!

  161. You should take part in a contest for one of the highest quality sites on the net.

    I most certainly will highly recommend this website!

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    to and you are just extremely excellent. I actually like what you’ve acquired here, certainly like what you are stating and
    the way in which you say it. You make it enjoyable and you still take care of
    to keep it sensible. I can not wait to read much more from you.
    This is really a terrific website.

  163. Is there any poems, about inviting to Marriage? or announcing that i’m going to get married or importance about marriage.

  164. Sir,

    Good collection of flowers and their names with pictures!!

    Can you let me know the Botanical name of Kanakal Tree……
    My Email Id is


  165. Can you please give some references in Sangam literature / Tirukkural on the plight of Handicapped people? Thanks and regards, Kalivaradhan

  166. sir , kalvi endra solluku tamizhil veru sol ullatha ?
    ex : kaditham endral adhai madal endu kuda sollalm

  167. Magizhnan Tamil meaning please.
    Please suggest me pure modern Tamil boy baby name….

  168. Hi sir,
    Nice work…i was longing for such a thing.Basically I am a Horticulture student much interested in knowing our tradition.
    1)Do you have any papers on our traditional food?
    2)Any works on ancient architecture of temples since today’s modern temples are not constructed based on ‘Adhama vidhi’…?

  169. hi vairam
    i want to know what is meant by pethumai
    but i need the answer of this question by tomorrow.
    so please make it fast.


  170. Hello Mr. Vairam,

    Your videos are a storehouse of information. Thank you for enlightening us on many aspects of Sangam literature.
    I would like to know if there are any specific poems from Sangam era which are classified as “ninda-stuti” (backhanded compliment).

    Will await your feedback.


  171. I would like to name by baby using pure(ancient) tamil words without any mix of sanskrit. A name that means “beautiful eyes”, “beautiful smile”/ I couldn’t find anything in internet. could you please suggest,

  172. Hi Vairam,

    Have you released the 99 flowers collection as a book?


  173. Hi Vairam,

    Have you released a version of the 99 flowers as a book?


  174. Hi , I would like to know about one flower called ” Sem Marutham” or “Cem Marutam”. I pray god I will get a positive response from you.

  175. Hi, I would like to know about a flower called “Sem Marutham” or “Cem Marutam”. I pray you will reply a positive response about this.

  176. Hi Vairam, great work!! I am looking for tamil name for my niece. Can u help to find tamil names starting with ‘V’ please.

  177. Hai Sir

    Currently am working on Visual(pictorial and pattern) Poetry (Chitra kavi), I am searching tamil chitra kavi, can you please help me through some materials and poems? I am looking forward your answer. Thank you

  178. Hi Vairam,

    I am planning to start up a educational foundation, and looking up for some tamil names?

    can you please suggest few?

  179. Hi,
    I want to know the meaning of “a light purse is a heavy curse” in tamil
    or equivalent Thirukkural

  180. Hi ,

    I am blessed with a baby boy . I am searching for a pure Tamil name for him. It ‘ll be great if you can suggest names. I wouldn’t like God names. I would like the name to be very rational.

    Thank you,
    Manoj Prasanna

  181. கணக்கனை அனுப்பினால் கேட்பார்கள

    Love your site – and your language!

    The above is a sentence from my Tamil book – no other context – I’d value your opinion on the exact meaning in English.


  182. Friends I need to one palamoil
    Kaluthai thenchi katterumba achi
    Plz help me….

  183. When i was searching for tamil words i came across your blog and it is impressive.
    I am in the process of naming a company and i would like to name it with some meaning behind it.
    First Thought is that it should indicate something like banyan tree, Say it will be strong and it will help others to grow and have a long life.
    Second thought it should be very much related to nature.

    Could you suggest few words and it’s meaning.

  184. Could you please tell us Pangrams in Tamil language? Or share the link if already available. Thanks

  185. Hai I want baby Girl Names starting with “M”, the name should not split in two names for eg. Meghna (single name).
    If Tamil name suggested well and good.

  186. Hello,
    Trust you well, writing from Mauritius Island and was wondering if you could help me in finding books on Indian Sacred Trees and their associated Gods & Deities . Thanking you in advance.
    Regards. JP.

  187. Hello Vairam !

    Thank you very much for this great work !

    Do you know which word could be the tamil translation of the english word “landscape” ?
    Also, I am studying the relationships between people and water in Tamil Nadu, and I am looking for information on the traditionnal water bodies classification (if I am not mistaken, the water bodies used to be defined in relation to the path that they follow)

    One more thing, could you mention along the answers the references ? Since it is for my thesis, I will need to write the source 🙂

    Thanks a lot for your help !


  188. Hi Vairam, I want to start reading Aimperum kaapiyangal, I need them with accurate and a moderately easy urai in tamil along with the poems. Pleas suggest give for each of the,

  189. Hello Vairam, a question on K.Zvelebil. Have you seen or read a translation & comments by K Zvelebil on Kumara Tantra. Apparently these appeared in aAdyar Library Bulletin in 1978 and 1982,, I am doing some research on these unfortunately no were to be seen on sale nor on the net nor anywhere else! Why it is so difficult to grabs the work of such a great academic,

  190. Hello,

    I’m doing a thesis on Tamil literature and the notions of propriety accorded to them in great Tamil literary works. I am told that Kamban describes Mandodari’s physique when she is mourning Raavanan’s death. Could you please post the verses, translation, and what could have been his thought process for adopting this unconventional way of describing a scene of mourning? Thanks.

  191. Hello sir,
    Wonderful blog.
    Can you please help me with good Tamil name to combine with Chezhiyan.
    I have named my son Chezhiyan.. relatives says teo names would be better. I want pure Tamil name to add with Chezhiyan. Please help

  192. Dear Viarm,
    Will you please let me know the scientific name for சம்பங்கோரை?
    Thank you.

  193. Mr Vairam, Greetings!!! Just came across your blog when i was searching for references of animals in Sangam literature – esp related to domestic animals. I am a Veterinarian and am currently working on this topic. Can you pls direct me to any references in this regard
    Thank you

  194. Vanakkam, your collection of flower pictures is amazing. Noticed a small error. Number 53 for Talai has pictures of coconut flowers. Talai and coconut are not the same.

  195. Hello Mr. Vairam,
    I appreciate the work you have done so far.
    I am very much impressed with your work on 99 flowers on Kurinjipattu. In that I would like to extend the work further by identifying the original color of the flowers used in the sangam period. If you have any information regarding colors please let me know. However, I read your post on colors too. But that was sufficient for me. I am working on to get the color of each flower and want to give my work in Tamil names.
    Thank you
    Santhana lakshmi

  196. I am 16 years old .I written 200 kavithaigal,and I want to put them as a book ,can u help me

  197. hi. i am studying in high school and from 1st standard to 8th, i learned hindi because of my parents. I had to study tamil for 9th and 10th because of government law. i didn’t even know a bit of tamil. i used to hate tamil because of its complexity and various reasons. then, i got a great teacher in 10th. now i love my language tamil. it is very beautiful and i am proud of being a tamilan. My question is that i recently wanted to read Bharatiyar’s poems and i bought a book that doesnt have meaning for its poem. So, i want to read but i dont know the meaning but i can read the words only. what can i do in this situation? i really want to read this book!! can i get a dictionary or something? what to do? pls someone suggest.

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