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One of my favorite pass time for last 3 years is to watch a movie and simultaneously scan books I got from the library. Over the past 3 years I have acquired many books through inter library loan and book fairs and stores.I haven’t read most of the books. So I cant recommend some of the books. So I decided to put up list of  books I have in new page and distinguish it from my recommended books.

Author: Kamil Zvelebil

  1. Smile of Murugan
  2. Tamil Literature
  3. Companion Studies to History of Tamil Literature
  4. Poets of Power
  5. Shidda Quest
  6. Thirumurugan
  7. Tamil traditions on Subrahmanya Murugan
  8. Tamil Kandapuranam
  9. Literary convetions of Akam poetry
  10. Tamil from inscription of 550 AD
  11. Lexicon of Tamil Literature
  12. Author A.K.Ramanujan

  13. 15 Poems from Tamil Anthology
  14. Interior landscape
  15. Poems of Love and war
  16. Hymns of drowning
  17. Author : George L Hart

  18. The Poems of Ancient Tamil, Their Milieu and Their Sanskrit Counterparts
  19. The Four Hundred Songs of War and Wisdom: An Anthology of Poems from Classical Tamil, the Purananuru *
  20. Poets of the Tamil Anthologies: Ancient Poems of Love and War
  21. The Forest Book of the Ramayana of Kampan *
  22. *Co author Hanf Heifetz

    Ettuthokai  Translations

  23. Kurunthokai – Shanmugam Pillai & David Ludden
  24. Ainkurunuru – P.Jyothimuthu
  25. Nattrinai – A.V.Subramanian
  26. Paripatal – Institute of Asian Studies
  27. Kalithokai — Institute of Asian Studies
  28. Purananuru – Check the book Under author George Hart

    Pathupaatu Translation

  29. Six Long poems – International Institute of Tamil Studies
  30. Four Long poems – International Institute of Tamil Studies
  31. Ten Tamil Idylls – J.V.Chellaiah
  32. Tamil poetry through ages – Institute of Asian Studies
  33. Assorted Translation:

  34. Love Lyrics Long ago – A.V.Subramanian
  35. Sips from Sangam cup – A.V.Subramanian
  36. Tamil Verse in translation P.N.Appusamy
  37. Studies in Sangam Literature

  38. Tamil Heroic poetry – Kailasapathy
  39. Tamil concept of Love – S.Vp.Manickam
  40. Tamil Love poetry and poetics – Takanobu Takahashi
  41. Landscape and Poetry – Thaninayagam
  42. Sangam Literature: its culture and cult – K.A.Nilakanta Shastri
  43. Home life among Tamils in the Sangam age – K.Gnambal
  44. Eight Anthologies – J.R.Marr
  45. The Chronology of Early Tamils – K.N.Shivaraja Pillai
  46. The Kaveri, The maukharis and the Sangam Age – T.G. Aravamuthan
  47. The Tamils 1800 years ago – V.Kanakasabhai
  48. Social Life of the Tamils – the classical period – S.Singaravelu
  49. Chieftains of the Sangam Age – Dr.K.D.Thirunavukkarasu
  50. Akananuru in its Histroical Setting – C.E.Ramachandran (has translations of first 100 akam poems)
  51. Silapthikaram and Manimekalai

  52. Shilapathikaram: The Ankel bracelet – Alain Daniélou
  53. Manimekhalai: the Dancer with the Magic Bowl -Alain Daniélou
  54. Cilapthikaram – Translated by Ramachandra Diskshitar
  55. Silapathikaram and Manimekalai (abridged versions)- Lakshmi Holmstorm
  56. Manimekalai – Translated by A.Madahviah
  57. Manimekalai as an epic – R.Natarajan
  58. The study of a Tamil Epic : several versions of Silapthikaram compared- Brenda Beck
  59. Tamil Studies

  60. Tamil Literature – Minakshi Sundaram Pillai
  61. Studies in Tamil Literature – Ramachandra Dikshithar
  62. Tamil Studies – M.Srinivasa  Aiyengar
  63. Encyclopedia of Tamil Literature Vol 1 – Institute of Asian Studies
  64. Encyclopedia of Tamil Literature Vol 2 – Institute of Asian Studies
  65. Encyclopedia of Tamil Literature Vol 3 – Institute of Asian Studies
  66. Studies in Tamil Indology – S.V.Subramanian
  67. Literary History in Tamil – Karthigesu Sivathamby
  68. Collected papers of Thaninayagam
  69. Bunch of essays on Tamil Literature – P.N.Appusamy
  70. Comparative Grammer of the Dravidian – Robert Cladwell
  71. Tamil history

  72. Tamil Social history Volume 1(Sangam age) – N.Subrahmaniyan
  73. Tamil Social history Volume 2(medieval age) – N.Subrahmaniyan
  74. Tamil Social history Volume 3(later age) – N.Subrahmaniyan
  75. Ancient Dravidian – Shesha Aiyengar
  76. Tamil India – M.S.Purnalingam Pillai
  77. Historical heritage of Tamils – K.K.Pillay
  78. Caste system in Tamil Nadu –  K.K.Pillay
  79. Maritime history of South India – Victor Rajamanickam & Arul Raj
  80. Beginnings of South Indian history – Krishnaswamy Aiyengar
  81. Colas – K.A.Nilakanta Shastri
  82. A history of South India – K.A.Nilakanta Shastri
  83. History and Culture of Tamil Nadu – vol 1- Chitra Mahadevan
  84. History and Culture of Tamil Nadu – vol 2- Chitra Mahadevan
  85. South Indian Missions – J.A.Sharrock
  86. The Tamil Plutarch – Simon Casie Chitty
  87. Religion:

  88. Murugan God of Kurunji- Collected Papers – Institute of Asian Studies
  89. Many Faces of Murugan – Fred Clothey
  90. Vision of Arunagiri a Tamil mystic – Fred Clothey
  91. Tamil Temple Myths – David Shulman
  92. Buddhism in Tamil Nadu – Collected Papers – Institute of Asian Studies
  93. Ravana the Great King of Lanka – M.S.Puranalingam Pillai
  94. The Thiruvacagam – G.U.Pope
  95. Hymns of the Tamil Saivite Saints – Kingsbury & Phillips
  96. Agastya in Tamil land – K.N.Shivaraja Pillai
  97. Introduction to Chintamanai – H.Bower
  98. Other Translations:

  99. Multholaayiram – Kurunjipaatu – P.N.Appusamy
  100. Kalingathu Parani – Institute of Asian Studies
  101. The story of Udayana – Raja Gopala Iyer
  102. The Naladiyar – G.U.Pope
  103. Tamil Wisdom – Edward Jewitt Robinson
  104. South Indian Inscriptions:

  105. Early Tamil Epigraphy – Iravatham Mahadevan
  106. South Indian Inscriptions Volume 3- Archeological Society of India
  107. Epigraphia Indica volume 12- Archeological Society of India
  108. Tamil Proverbs

  109. A classified collection of Tamil proverbs- Herman Jensen
  110. Tamil Proverbs with English Translations – P.Percival
  111. Books in Tamil

  112. Iruchol Muchol alangaram – U.V.Swaminathan Iyer Publication
  113. Meengal andrum indrum – S.Parimala
  114. 401 Kathal kavithaigal (Kurunthokai) – Sujatha
  115. Purananuru -moolamum eliya uriayum- Sujatha
  116. Pathitruppathu – moolamum uraiyum – Rama Subramaniam
  117. Kaviyarasu Kannadasan Kavithaigalalil Sanga illakkiya selvakku – Dr.M.Jayapal

I actually have entire collection of Tamil books from U.V.Swaminathan Iyer publication in my book shelf in India!

Hope the list just grows!


  1. Great collection is it possible to share some of your books as they are rare and I couldnt get them even in libraries.

    Dr. Girish G. Menon

  2. Dear Vairam,
    It is really a rare collection to get it for us even as a reference copy. Could U pls share it for academic purpose. As it would be good to get the interpretation of our Tamil literature in English.

    Thanks & regards,
    Dr. V.Dhanalakshmi

  3. @ jagadeeswaran – It’s regarding the translation help that you’re looking for. I can help you with your task. I would be more than happy to help to serve my language. You can mail me @

  4. If you put as ebooks on line it will be of use to me.I have a number of books for which there is no demand inAhmadabad even if i give it away free! purchasing and possessing books, here, need efforts to dust and clean up! Balasubrahmanyan

  5. Mr Vairam
    pls search “kamalakannan” in
    if interesting let me know. i will add more. i have painstakingly compiled about 500 volumes so far from many sites like, digital library of india etc…
    i still remember your blog about “chaamaram and kavarimaan”…
    m kamalakannan b tech chemical engg

  6. Awesome collection. Let me point out a minor typo: Items 74, 75, author is Chithra Madhavan.

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