Realize the god in you – Civavakkiyam

Tamil Sidhha movement were more oriented toward journey of knowledge, who believed only through knowledge one can realize the god, as against the popular form of Hinduism the Bakthi movement. Tamil Sitthar's literary movement started with Thirumoolar. The later Siddhas especially Civavakkiyar was very critical against mainstream Hinduism.  He criticized idol worship and people running after temples. His philosophy was God is in you realize him.  You will see more of Civvakkiyar in the next few weeks.

no names, no color and no size – Civavakkiyam

  God is within your soul,when you realize this you realize he has no names, no color and no size. This is the essence of Civavakkiyar's poem below. Sivavakkiyar is considered to be one of the greatest Shidda poets along side Thirumoolar and Pattinathar. His poems questions Hindu religious structure, Brahmanical supremacy, idol worship, authority... Continue Reading →

There is no rebirth! – Civavakkiyam 47

கறந்தபால் முலைப்புகா, கடைந்தவெண்ணெய் மோர்புகா; உடைந்துபோன சங்கின்ஓசை உயிர்களும் உடற்புகா; விரிந்தபூ உதிர்ந்தகாயும் மீண்டுபோய் மரம்புகா; இறந்தவர் பிறப்பதில்லை இல்லைஇல்லை இல்லையே. "Milk does not return to the udder,nor butter to butter milk. nor the life within the sea shell,when it breaks,to its body. The blown flower,fallen fruit do not return to the tree. The dead are not born,never,never,never!"(47) Poet :Civavakkiyar... Continue Reading →

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