Flood of Passion – Kurunthokai 99

Another gem from Auvviyar of Sangam age. A poet par excellence, most of us know her songs on Adhigaman Neduman Anci. In way some of her poems were prelude to hero build up songs in Tamil cinema. But the side most of us don’t know is the sensitive and mostly aggressive love poems.  This a poem from a lover lorn Thalaivan's point of view.

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World of Two lovers – Kurunthokai 57

Beautiful love poem from the ancient Tamils. One more example why Tamil love literature is considered to be classic across the world. The poem talks about how for lovers they get isolated and the whole world become each other when they are in love. Separation is a fear which they want to escape. The pain of separation is greater than death to these lovers.

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#MeToo – Do not touch me! Narrinai 350

#MeToo is trending for the past few days. The case of taking advantage by people in power, people in anonymity is not a new age activity. These have been for ages.  This is the time when Indian courts are debating about Martial rape and Indian government arguing case of husbands taking advantage of their position of strength in society and physical strength should not be considered a case of rape. The post looks at the wisdom and view of women of 2000 years ago.  

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Taming elephant with a harp – Kalithokai 2

We would have had numerous chances to make fun of Ramarajan taming the wild bull in Jallikattu with Illayraja's pechi pechi song. It was a cult it. But even more surprising was a reference in Kalithokai of angry elephant (usually in rut - Madha yanai) which couldnt be controlled by its gad (pagan) getting mellow down and tamed with music of harp (yaazh).

Dont come near her – its not right time – Paripatal 16

This is excerpt from poem on Vaiyai (Vaigai) from Paripatal.  This poem surely has adult content, so if you choose to skip, please do.  Thalaivan comes to see his lady love (the colophon says it is a courtesan and not the heroine) , her friends try to fool him and turn him away. He catches their lie and goes ahead to enjoy with his lady lover. 

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