Seperation of lovers – Krishna stealing clothes of Gopikas – Murgan in Thiruparankundram – Akam 59

This poem is one of the most important poems in Sangam literature. Though this is the kind of Sangam poem I … More

Master piece from Silapadigaram – Kovalan – Kannagi Wedding night

This one of the master piece in Tamil Literature. A beautiful poem describing beauty of a women. Kovalan on his wedding night with Kannagi, describes her beauty. Must read for anyone whether you know Tamil or not.

Too good to resist – The Golden deer of Kambaramayanam

—————————————————————————————————————————————————————- Become Fan of Karka Nirka Blog in Facebook —————————————————————————————————————————————————————— I choose just a single stanza of Kamban’s Ramavatharam … More

Patinathar’s poem on life- Part 4 – Death -Utarkurruvanam

வளர்பிறைபோலவெயிறுமுரோம,  முஞ்சடையுஞ் சிறுகுஞ்யும்விஞ்ச,  மனதுமிருண்டவடிவுமிலங்க,  மாமலைபோல் யமதூதர்கள்வந்து. And lo, behold, the Messenger of Death, like a huge mountain, shining and black … More

Patinathar’s poem on life- Part 3 – Old Age -Utarkurruvanam

வருவதுபோவதொருமுதுகூனு,  மந்தியெனும்படிகுந்திநடந்து மதியுமழிந்துசெவிதிமிர்வந்து,  வாயறியாமல்விடாமன்மொழிந்து.   Bent with the weight of age, he roams about, squatting and moving like an ape, … More

Patinathar’s poem on life- Part 2 – Youth -Utarkurruvanam

  உயர்தருஞானகுருஉபதேச,  முந்தமிழின்கலையுங்கரைகண்டு வளர்பிறையென்றுபலரும்விளம்ப,  வாழ்பதினாறுபிராயமும்வந்து.   Then the teacher comes. He learns the glories of his mother-tongue, Tamil in her … More