Lines of a misogynist – Pattinathar Poems


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Pattinathar is one of the greatest Shidda poet. But unlike most of the Shiddas, he hates even his body(Shiddas are known for preserving their body).

He is pessimistic,cynical and frustrated.One of the main features of his poems is his pathological hatred of women. Here is a sample of his poems.

நரகக் குழியும்இன்னும் நான்புசிப்பே னென்குதே
உரகப் படத்தல்கு லுனைக்கெடுப்பே னென்குதே. 17

And her cunt – cobra’s hood – says,

‘I’ll ruin you,my knave.’

And yet for its hellish pit

I still do crave. [17]

குரும்பை முலையுங் குடிகெடுப்பே னென்குதே
அரும்புவிழியு மென்ற னாவியுண்பே னென்குதே. 18

Fruit bud* breast say,

‘we’ll ruin your soul’

Blossoms – like eyes say,

‘We’ll devour you whole’.[18]

*-Kamil Zvelebil’s translation was Sugarcane -(but his source was diff – not able to verify the text in his source) – I am going with Project madurai Krumpai and hence fruit bud.

Translated by Kamil Zvelebil

Though language might sound bit vulgar to most of the Readers, I have posted you this blog to show the contrast in usage of Tamil Language by Sangam poets who have beautifully described sexual union and women’s beauty and Cittar poets who are usually misogynist.

Note: Numbers indicated in poems are in accordance to Project Madurai Pattinathar Padalgal Vol.3

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  1. சித்தர் பாடல்கள் தலைப்பில் சித்தர்கள் பற்றி எதுவுமே இல்லையே ஏன்??

  2. நான் இங்கே சித்தர் பாடலை பிரதானமாக கொண்டு உள்ளேன் ….
    பட்டினத்தாரின் பாடல்களில் பெண்களை வெறுக்கும் கருத்து அதிகபடியாக உள்ளதால் ….
    அவ்வாறு உள்ள ஒரு பாடலை எங்கு தந்துள்ளேன் …

  3. Hi ,

    Am new to your blog..
    Though I am from TN, am not that much familiar with all the old tamil words that are being used in poems like these.

    Though I appreciate the effort you put in to let us know of all these, you must go even one step below , and give us a word by word description of the stanzas to make the stanza even more understandable for common man.

    And in the image I dont see a space between the tamil words.

    Keep blogging .. and thanks.

  4. Hello, The English translation is not correct. KURUMBAI means the flowery tip of plantain. The translation is sugarcane. Are sugarcane and breast are similar in appearance MATHARURU KONDU should be as IN THE SHAPE OF WOMEN YEMA (THE GOD FOR DEATH) THINK TO DOOM. There is no mention in the text about the cunt etc. and hellish pit. The translation may be corrected. Thanking you.

  5. வாழைமரத்தின் பூ முனையை வாழைப்பொத்தி என்று சொல்வார்களே
    அல்லாமல் குரும்பை என்று சொல்வதில்லை பனையின் காயின் பிஞ்சை
    அல்லது தென்னை மரத்தின் காயை அதாவது தேங்காயின் இளம் நிலையை
    குரும்பை என்று சொல்வார்கள்.

  6. குரும்பை¹ kurumpai
    , n. prob. குறு-மை. [K. kurumbe, M. kurumba.] 1. Immature coconuts or palmyra nuts; fruit buds; தெங்கு பனை களின் இளங்காய். இரும்பனையின் குரும்பை நீரும் (புறநா. 24, 2). 2. Young coconut; இளநீர். குன் றுங் குரும்பையும் வெறுத்தநின் னிளமுலை (கல்லா. 52, 8). 3. See குரும்பி. (W.) 4. Bow-string hemp. See பெருங்குரும்பை. (தைலவ. தைல. 24.)
    fruit bud was fitting better in the translation

  7. நரகக் குழியும்இன்னும் நான்புசிப்பே னென்குதே
    உரகப் படத்தல்கு லுனைக்கெடுப்பே னென்குதே. 17

    Palanippan, ungel pani nandru, aanal mozhi maatram seiyum poluthu sithar padalkazhai kavanityhu elunthukel.

    Not sure its you or Kamil made the mistake on the intepretation of this poem… means death would engulf you even when u are asleep….he is talking about death. Becareful that death would come to everyone, so pay attention to your karmas. Patthinathar is most misunderstood Sithar!

  8. I have read a lot of poems of Pattinathar, a great siddha indeed. While there are castigating references to women, he did write many more things in attaining the ultimate aim of Mukti. He said that he wanted to renounce the worldly pleasures especially the pleasure from women in order to attain higher pedestal of bhakti and this he has put in a very blunt manner and thats why it seems that way. But read the poem while he had done the final rites to his mother. Excellent.

  9. I read the Pattinathar Adigal lines and also the statements of others, particularly someone has descibed him as mysognist,pessimistic etc etc. but i see that they are unable to view the correct angle in which he has projected the meaning.Similar to Buddha after a long family life he says that comparing to the happiness which comes from worshipping siva peruman, leading ourself into a family life is futile. Also he explains that addicted to lust is iota of happiness and they are highly temporary.

  10. sir I wants to know about patimathar life history and his poem in simple tamil words what type of book shud i buy .whr shud i buy pls guide me

  11. all pattinathar poems are against sexual feelings not about ladies otherwise he did not comes to do his duty in his mothers death as son.

  12. You third rate fellow. How dare you mis translate Sri Pattinathar’s poems, use such as c*** when he clearly does bot mean that. You are unfit to write anything about pattinathar on a public forum. Remove this post.

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