Tamil Proverbs – Part 14


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My 150 th post in this blog.

Part 14 of my Proverb collection.


1.குற்றம் பார்க்கில் சுற்றம் இல்லை

No relationship will exist , if you find fault in everything(Prabhulingam’s Translation from comments).


Happens usually in office, people who find fault with everything(esp managers) get hated by people around them!

” Deem the best of every doubt, till the truth be tried out”

2.தூர்ந்த கிணற்றைத் தூர்வார்காதே

Dont try to clear a dry well.


A well will be in good condition if it is yielding water. If it dried out, it will automatically in due course, ruin. Do not clean such dried well, meaning do not involve which will not give good/desired result.(Prabhulingam’s explanation from comments)

” Do not rake the gutters.”

” Let sleeping dogs lie.”

3.தலையை தடவி மூளையை உரிவான்

He will pat your head and suck your brains.


Warns about people who act so friendly to you , but the motive is to swindle or destroy you.

” He covers me with his icings, and bites me with his bill.”

4.இரும்பு அடிக்கிற இடத்தில நாய்க்கு என்ன வேலை ?

What work does a job have in a blacksmith shop?


Dog has no use going to blacksmith, it is better off going to temple or a marriage where they throw food. Said of people who don’t fit in a particular organisation. Can be currently said of Susi Ganesan attempting a Shankar kind of movie – no wonder product is so bad.

5.தூக்குனங்குருவி குரங்குக்கு புத்தி சொன்னது போல

Like the Weaver bird which adviced the monkey.


தூக்கணங்குருவி tūkkaṇaṅ-kuruvi

Weaver bird, Ploceus baya, as building hanging nests; தொங்குங்கூடு கட்டுங் குருவிவகை

The bird builds nest (as below) ands stays inside it when it rains. When it saw a monkey getting drenched in rain , it advised the money to start building a nest. Monkey got irritated and destroyed the bird’s nest.

At situations its better not to keep mum than to advise people who wont hear it seriously/ At some situations its better to keep mum than advise!


” Good reasons said, and ill understood, are roses thrown to hogs, and

not so good.”

“A wise man may look ridiculous in the company of fools.”


6.மன்னவர்கள் ஆண்டது எல்லாம் மந்திரிகள் ஆண்மை

Back bone of the any king’s rule are his minister’s skills.


Said by mother in laws to daughter in laws. Wife should act as ministers and mange the wealth their husbands earn.

” As the Friday so the Sunday : as the Sunday so the week. As the good man saith, so say we ; but as the good wife saith, so it must be”


7.கன்னி இருக்க காளை மணம் ஏறலாமா ?

When there is virgin in the house can the bachelor get married?


When there is sister who has come of age , her brother would wait to get married till his sister gets married.Very common practice in Tamil Nadu.


8.ஆசை அறுபது நாள் , மோகம் முப்பது நாள் , தொண்ணூறு நாளும் போனால் துடைப்பக்கட்டை

Desire last for 60 days,passion for 30 days and after 90 days she looks like broomstick.


When couple get initially married the sexual desire is really high but last just for a month, after two months even the liking for each other goes down and finally after 3 months the wife will look like a broom stick(meaning all passion and enthusiasm of marriage dies down)

“When a couple are newly married, the first month is honeymoon or smick-smack ; the second is hither and thither ; the third is trick-thwack the fourth: The devil take them that brought thee and me together.”

“Mother, what sort of a thing is marriage ? Daughter, it is spinning, bearing children and weeping.”

9.இரண்டு போன்சாதிக்காரனுக்குக் கொண்டை என்னத்திற்கு ?

Why should he have long  knotted hair when he has two wives.


Two wives means quarrel always. When two wives fight with each other , if the husband gets caught in between with his long hair. He will be dragged with his hair till the fight is over.

Proverb is said when you are not prepared for the disaster which you know is going to strike any time.

” Two women in one house, two cats and one mouse, two dogs and one bone, will never accord in one.”


10.சதை உள்ள இடத்தில கத்தி நாடும்

The knive will seek the part which has flesh.


Said of scavenging people who look for people who have wealth.


Reference : A classified collection of Tamil Proverbs by Rev. Herman Jensen


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After a long time coming back to my proverb series.

வெளவாலுக்கு யார் தாம்பூலம் வைத்தார்கள் ?

Who invited the bat offering Thamboolam?

People usually for any auspicious function invite their guest by giving them a Thamboolam. Thamboolam- A plate which usually contains beetle leaves,areca – nut, Kunkum, fruits. A bat comes uninvited when it sees its prey – the insects.

This proverb is said to people who what they are supposed to do without any invitation.

துலுக்காத ஆயுதம் துருப்பிடிக்கும் .

Weapon which is not polished gets rusted.

A skill not put to use get wasted or a property not taken care of properly goes waste.

வானம் சுரக்க , தானம் சிறக்கும் .

When the sky opens up and rains, charity will be abundant.

When it rains, the growth will be good. When growth is good it means huge profits to farmers. If huge profits means more charity. One thing leads to another.

பொங்கியும் பால் புறம் போகவில்லை .

Even after boiling the milk hasn’t spilt out of the vessel.

Though the milk boiled, it did not boil over. 2573.
Said of something unpleasant or shameful that has happened within a
family but which the family tries to keep secret.

Said of people who try to hide an open secret.

கொண்டையைப் போட்டு விராலை இழுக்கிறது .

Use the small fish as bait to catch the bigger fish.

Said of power hungry people who seek the patronage of powerful people by cajoling some one related to the powerful man.

” Throw in a sprat and catch a salmon.”

பால் சட்டிக்கு பூனை காவல் வைக்கிறதுபோல்.

Asking a cat to guard the pot of milk.

Giving power to the wrong hands.

” To entrust the sheep to the wolf.”

சாரத்தை உட்கொண்டு சக்கையை உமிழ்ந்துவிடுவதுபோல்.

Drinking the juice and spitting the pulp.

Said of people who befriends you when you have good time and deserts you while you are on a rough patch.

” He that gets, forgets ; but he that wants, thinks on.”

முன் கை நீண்டால் , முழங்கை நீளும் .

Only if you stretch out your hand, others can stretch out their arm.

There are so many ready to take your help only you have to offer it to others.

” One never loses by doing a good turn.”

தொடையில் புண்ணை நடையில் காட்டுகிறதா ?

Would any one show the wound in their thigh while they walk?

Keep your personal things to yourself , you need not exhibit your life story to any one.

நாவு அசைய , நாடு அசையும் .

When the tounge moves , the country moves.

Said of powerful and influential speakers who can change the tide of history , just with their speech. Best example would be Hitler.

” A good tongue is a good weapon” Or, this phrase may mean : ” A tyrant’s breath is another’s death.”


Reference : A classified collection of Tamil Proverbs by Rev. Herman Jensen


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