Seperation of lovers – Krishna stealing clothes of Gopikas – Murgan in Thiruparankundram – Akam 59

This poem is one of the most important poems in Sangam literature. Though this is the kind of Sangam poem I … More

Master piece from Silapadigaram – Kovalan – Kannagi Wedding night

This one of the master piece in Tamil Literature. A beautiful poem describing beauty of a women. Kovalan on his wedding night with Kannagi, describes her beauty. Must read for anyone whether you know Tamil or not.

From Sangam Literature to Vadivelu Comedy!

Two months ago I watched ‘Muniyandi Vilangiyal Moondramaandu’ movie. Though it was a crap movie, some thing really interested me. There … More

Your food after death – Arunagiri – Kandaralankaram 51

மலையாறு கூறெழ வேல்வாங்கி னானை வணங்கியபின் நிலையான மாதவஞ் செய்குமி னோநும்மை நேடிவருந் தொலையா வழிக்குப் பொதிசோறு முற்ற துணையுங்கண்டீர் இலையா யினும் வெந்த தேதா யினும்பகிர்ந் … More