She believes all your lies – Ainkurunooru 267

This poem is the sixth poem of series of 10 poems from Ainkurunooru with reference to wild boar. These poems  by Kapilar speak of love and separation. ஐங்குறுநூறு 267, கபிலர், குறிஞ்சித் திணை – தோழி தலைவியிடம் சொன்னது, சிறைப்புறத்தானாக இருந்த தலைவன் கேட்கும்படி சிறு கண் பன்றிப் பெருஞ்சின ஒருத்தல், துறுகல் அடுக்கத்து வில்லோர் மாற்றி, ஐவனம் கவரும் குன்ற நாடன், வண்டுபடு கூந்தலைப் பேணிப், பண்பு இல சொல்லும், தேறுதல் செத்தே.... Continue Reading →


You are so righteous – Rombha nalla vanda nee – Kalithokai 37

This poem is very interesting one. Hero loves the girl, but does not have guts to say it to the girl. Girl waits and loses her patience and decides to do something daring. At the end of the poem you would feel 'Rombha Nalavan Da neee'  same as the heroine. This Kapilar poem can be easily tagged as a RomCom poem.

The philosophy of love marriage – Kurunthokai 115

Happy Pongal to all the readers. I was so guilty of not writing for so long that I have decided to write on this day special to Tamilians all around the world. Few months ago I came across this poem in a book 'Sips from the Sangam cup'. This song really shows the wisdom of the Tamil people 2000 years ago. This poem answers on basic doubt most youngsters have these days. So without giving much more buildup like Tamil action heroes I will proceed to the poem.

Seperation of lovers – Krishna stealing clothes of Gopikas – Murgan in Thiruparankundram – Akam 59

This poem is one of the most important poems in Sangam literature. Though this is the kind of Sangam poem I like with lot of comparisons and hidden meanings, this poem particularly interests me for some other reason. This poem contains interesting references to Krishna myths and Murugan’s adobe Thiruparankundram. 59. பாலை தண் கயத்து அமன்ற வண்டு படு துணை மலர்ப்... Continue Reading →

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