What are you going to achieve? Ainkurunooru 268

This poem is the eight poem of series of 10 poems from Ainkurunooru with reference to wild boar. These poems  by Kapilar speak of love and separation.

ஐங்குறுநூறு 268, கபிலர்குறிஞ்சித் திணை – தோழி தலைவியிடம் சொன்னதுசிறைப்புறத்தானாக இருந்த தலைவன் கேட்கும்படி
தாஅ இழந்த தழு வரிக் குருளையொடு,
வள மலைச் சிறு தினை உணீஇய, கானவர்
வரை ஓங்கு உயர் சிமைக் கேழல் உறங்கும்,
நன் மலை நாடன், பிரிதல்
என் பயக்கும்மோ, நம் விட்டுத் துறந்தே?

You are from the good mountain,

where the pig,

Eats the millet from the fields of the forest dwellers,

And sleeps long with piglet which lost its mother,

On the summit of the tall peaks,

I wonder what he is going to achieve by departing from us?

Poet: Kapilar

Translation : Palaniappan Vairam Sarathy

Some background:  Thaliavan would be from a different village/hill. Thalaivan and Thalaivi have met and by context of this decade looks like they have had Iyarkai Punarchi. They meet every night secretly.

Now he feels that he has to go away to earn money

  1. if he is not married yet , which is usually the case in Kurunchi, he had to earn money to marry Thalaivi (those days in Tamil nadu especially in mountain regions – you had to pay dowry/bride price to women’s family).
  2.  if he is married – then the theme becomes Mullai (earning to increase wealth) , which is not really out of place considering poem 264 in this decade is mix of Kurunchi and Marutham.

But Thalaivi feels she can not live without him.

There is an interesting allusion here – Pig taking care of mother less piglet. This could mean

  1. her intent to elope leaving her family. She belives Thalaivan will take care of her like the mother less pigs. (if they are not married)
  2.  Seperation (Tiger) would kill the mother (her) and eventually he has to take care of the babies like the pig does.

My preference is option 1 where they are unmarried (also the same in traditional commentaries – though they explicit don’t call out Thalaivai’s intention to elope)

Visual imagery:

வரிக் குருளை – stripped piglet



Ainkurunooru – Translation by P.Jyotimuthu

Learn Sangam Tamil

Tamil Lexicon – University of Madras



தாஅ இழந்த தழு வரிக் குருளையொடு,

Mother – lost – bruised – striped – with piglet
வள மலைச் சிறு தினை உணீஇய, கானவர்

Fertile – mountain – small – millet – eat – jungle people
வரை ஓங்கு உயர் சிமைக் கேழல் உறங்கும்,

Mountain– raise – tall – summit – pig – sleep
நன் மலை நாடன், பிரிதல்

Good – mountain – countryman, separate/depart
என் பயக்கும்மோ, நம் விட்டுத் துறந்தே?

What – yield? – us – leave – depart


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  1. மிக மிக அருமை. தொடரட்டும் உங்களுடைய தூய தமிழ்த் தொண்டு.

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