Shades of love moves on love and despair of young girls who see their king on procession (Ula) and fall deeply in love with him! நாணாக்காற் பெண்மை நலன் அழியும் முன்னின்றுகாணாக்காற்கைவளையுஞ் சோருமால் – காணேன்நான்வண்டுஎவ்வந் தீர்தார் வயமான் வழுதியைக்கண்டுஎவ்வந்தீர்தார் ஆறு. – 82 If I am not shy, my womanliness will be ruined If I stand before him and... Continue Reading →


Men are always the same! Narrinai 226

This poem is dedicated to the women and children who bare the brunt heavy office workload of their husbands. The poem which pretty much says Men being men worry more about wealth/career than family. Poem emphasizes 'Men are like this' as a sort proverb 2000 years ago.

The philosophy of love marriage – Kurunthokai 115

Happy Pongal to all the readers. I was so guilty of not writing for so long that I have decided to write on this day special to Tamilians all around the world. Few months ago I came across this poem in a book 'Sips from the Sangam cup'. This song really shows the wisdom of the Tamil people 2000 years ago. This poem answers on basic doubt most youngsters have these days. So without giving much more buildup like Tamil action heroes I will proceed to the poem.

Walking on a tight rope!- Kurunthokai 7

Every time I come across the visual imagery of the Sangam poems , I am awestruck by the brilliance of the poet. They are able connect the nature and the acts in the day to day life, which we can never think of. The beauty of all these imagery (other than being such delightfully) are situational. Imagery used in each poem has some connection to the mood of the poem.

The poem I am about to discuss has a beautiful visual imagery and also throws light into the custom of the Ancient Tamils.

Madness of love Kuruntokai 136

136. குறிஞ்சி - தலைவன் கூற்று  காமங் காமம் என்ப காமம்  அணங்கும் பிணியும் அன்றே நுணங்கிக்  கடுத்தலுந் தணிதலும் இன்றே யானை  குளகுமென் றாள்மதம் போலப்  பாணியும் உடைத்தது காணுநர்ப் பெறினே.  -மிளைப்பெருங் கந்தனார். Kurunthokai 136 What he said Love,love, they say.Yet love is no new grief nor sudden disease; nor something that rages and cools. Like madness in a elephant, coming up... Continue Reading →

The Tamil concept of Love, Love Making and Divinity

The love poems of Sangam have made inroads into religion. The two best examples one can give is that of Kambaramayanam and Kanthapuranam. The Murugan- Valli love episode of Kasiappasivachariyar's Kanthapuranam is straight lift from a few Sangam love themes(it would take me a separate blog to point this out to the readers..hope I do a blog on this topic soon!). In this essay I would like to go into Theme of Love making in Sangam literature and its parallel in Religious poetry and philosophy.

Love making and Religion ...parallels? is it possible? well you have to read through this essay,

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