99 Tamil Flowers – Kurunjipaatu – flowers 61-70

Flowers 61-70 of 99 flowers mentioned in Kurunjipaatu.

61.சிறுசெங்குரலி ciṟru-ceṅn-kurali

A mountain creeper; கருந்தாமக்கொடி.

Sami Identifies it as Water Chestnut – Trapa bispinosa.

வெண்காந்தள் veṇ-kāntaḷ- White species of Malabar glory lily, m. cl., Gloriosa superba; செடிவகை. (புறநா. 90, உரை.)

Yellow glory lilly – Gloriosa superba

[M. kaidā.] Fragrant screw-pine. தாழை. Pandanus odoratissimus;

64. வழை vaḻlai

சுரபுன்னை cura-puṉṉnai Long-leaved two-sepalled gamboge, Ochrocarpus longifolius;


n. 1. River portia. See ஆற்றுப்பூவரசு. , Trewia nudiflora;

66. கருங்குவளை karun-ṅ-kuvaḷlai – கருங்குவளை (மணிக் குலை)
Red Water Lily- Nymphaea rubra; குவளைவகை.

67. பாங்கர் pāṅnkar

n. Tooth brush tree.உகா ukā – Salvadora persica; ஓமை.


Lac tree – Shorea talura

69. தணக்கம் taṇnakkam

Whirling Nut , Gyrocarpus jacquinii (synonym Gyrocarpus americanus) – vernacular name in Telugu – Tanakkam


Īnkai is identified as Mimosa rubicaulis by Lexicon. And Sami identifies a similar species Mimosa torta (synonyms of acacia caesia mentioned in his paper). Mimosa torta seems to be right identification since Mimosa rubicaulis has habitat of Himalayas and is not natural to Tamil Nadu.


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  1. what was told in tamil ,was not read by by all tamilans .
    why we are born .criminal waste.

  2. Flower No.63 Kaithai – The picture shown is of Thalampoo commonly known in Tamil Nadu. The petal are with much good smell. Ordinarily it it is used to adorn pigtails of ladies. This flower is forbidden to god-worship. There is a story about it. Once, between Lord Vishnu and Bramma a quarrel arise and to settle it they approached Lord Eswar and He stood gigantic and asked them to reach his feet and crown. Vishnu took Varaha shape (Pig) and dig towards feet and Bramma took bird shape and flew towards crown (head). As Bramma cannot reach the head, he asked the thalampoo which was falling from the head, to lie that Bramma reached the head and they both are on return journey to earch. As the Thalampoo has given false witness, Lord Eswar forbided it and ordered not to use it for worship or pooja. And such a depiction can be seen every Sivan temple at the back side of the Sanctum Sanctorium and the sculpture is called as LINGOTHBAVAR. This is for information of readers.

  3. Aivu seyum aivalarkalukku mihach chirantha padaippu. Nanum kurinjippattu malarkal patriya aivu mudithullen. Puthakam vegu viraivil varum. Ungaludaya thedalukku parattum vazhththukkalum. Sorry ennudaya mobilil Tamil keyboard illathathal thanglish.

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