Dance Duel and its divine origins – Story of Goddess in Tamil Nadu

If you have seen Tamil movies surely you would have seen of an arrogant heroine challenged by hero to a dance duel. Hero wins it either fairly or by hook and crook. Heroine arrogance is subdued and she become a fit subordinate women from an independent arrogant one. These themes have origins in many Tamil religious traditions. These are storied of Goddess who lose their independent self to become subordinate Goddess to the Male deity. This is post to throw light on Goddess who lost their space to male counter part and story of local deities losing space to deities of organized religion. #karkanirka

When will I see him? – Mutolaayiram 32

Shades of love moves on love and despair of young girls who see their king on procession (Ula) and fall deeply in love with him! புலவி புறக்கொடுப்பன் புல்லியினா ணிற்பன் கலவி களிமயங்கிக் காணேன் – நிலவியசீர் மண்ணாளுஞ் செங்கோல் வளவனை யானிதன்றோ கண்ணாரக் கண்டறியா வாறு. -34 When I sulk, I turn away from him! When he embraces me, shyness... Continue Reading →

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