Walking on a tight rope!- Kurunthokai 7

Every time I come across the visual imagery of the Sangam poems , I am awestruck by the brilliance of the poet. They are able connect the nature and the acts in the day to day life, which we can never think of. The beauty of all these imagery (other than being such delightfully) are situational. Imagery used in each poem has some connection to the mood of the poem.

The poem I am about to discuss has a beautiful visual imagery and also throws light into the custom of the Ancient Tamils.

Come fast! before my brothers! – Kurunthokai 123

Situation: The Thalaivan and Thalaivi have fallen in love. The have secret tryst with the help of the Thalaivi’s friend (panki). Since this is a neythal poem , it has sea side settings. So the lovers decide to meet in the beaches near the punnai grooves. The Thalaivan comes to the place early and decides to hide in the grooves and watch the reaction of the Thalaivi. Thalaivi has seen thalaivan hiding and utters this poem to panki in a loud voice so that Thalaivan can here it.

Tamil wordlist 8 – Flowers – Part 2

11. செந்தும்பை cen-tumpai : (page 1589) மும் செந்நிறமும் உடைய கடல்மீன்வகை. செந்தும்பை cen-tumpai, n. < id. +. A species of spiderflower, shrub, Osbeckia zeylanica; தும்பைவகை. … More

Tamil word list 7 – Flowers with Pictures

—————————————————————————————————————————————————————- Become Fan of Karka Nirka Blog in Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Karka-Nirka/353094691592 —————————————————————————————————————————————————————— 1. ஆரவலர் āra-v-alar : (page 242) ஆரவலர் āra-v-alar, n. … More

Hero’s Blackmail- Kurunthokai 276

This poem is one most interesting themes of the Akam poetry. In this theme the Hero who is being denied access to meet his lady love , threatens the friend of the lover that he has already made love to her and knows all secrets if her and would expose this secret to every one if the he wasn’t granted access to his lover.

What if he lies ? – Kurunthokai 25

This is one of the most interesting poems and popular poem of sangam era. The Talaivi(heroine) is doubtful whether Talaivan would return back and marry her. She has already lost her virginity to the talaivan. She is now very fearful since nobody has ever seen them together and incase if Talaivan decides to cheat on her, she has no proof to show that she had lost her virginity to the talaivan.

Feast to the crow – return of the lover – Kurunthokai 210

210. முல்லை – தோழி கூற்று திண்டேர் நள்ளி கானத் தண்டர் பல்லாப் பயந்த நெய்யிற் றொண்டி முழுதுடன் விளைந்த வெண்ணெல் வெஞ்சோ றெழுகலத் தேந்தினுஞ் சிறிதென் … More