Kavari Maan – is it really a deer?? – the myth buster

Lot of people have often hear about 'kavari-maan'. Most people associate the statement ' the Kavari man would die even if one hair from its body falls.' Kavari Maan --> is epitome of sensitivity. So some had put in a comment asking which animal dies when it loses even one hair. I replied Kavari Maan and decided to search more about it. The first shock I got was Kavari Maan is not a Deer. Then what is Kavari Maan?

Fishes from Vaalai meen Songs Part 1 – Tamil wordlist 12

This is going to be a really interesting post . Lot of people would have hear the popular song Vaazha meenukum Vilangu meenukum Kalyanam song from Chitiram Pesuthadi. Every one knows the lyrics was unique with all fish names. Last time whenI had done a word list with fish names , one of the readers requested me to do a post on all fishes which comes in this song. I didnt take it seriously then. Suddenly two days before i was you tubing the song and I thought why don't I do it and started searching for all the fishes.

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