Your food after death – Arunagiri – Kandaralankaram 51

மலையாறு கூறெழ வேல்வாங்கி னானை வணங்கியபின்
நிலையான மாதவஞ் செய்குமி னோநும்மை நேடிவருந்
தொலையா வழிக்குப் பொதிசோறு முற்ற துணையுங்கண்டீர்
இலையா யினும் வெந்த தேதா யினும்பகிர்ந் தேற்றவர்க்கே.

O People of the world!

Worship the One,

who sent the lance 

through the mountain

and shatter it into six parts,

and, in steadfast love,

perform penance.

Share food

be it raw or cooked 

with those who come to you in need

and that will be your food and support

on the unending path

after death.

Poet: Arunagiri

Translated by Fred Clothey
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  1. Hi Vairam,

    These songs are the essence of life combined with the sheer beauty of the language, sadly not accessible / understandable to bulk of us, who have unfortunately just skimmed the surface – I can’t find apt words to appreciate the hours you spend to sieve through such complex works to come up with this distilled nectar for us to relish.

    Keep them coming mate


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