What can you do? Sivavakkiyam 6

Transient nature of life becomes the theme of Sivavakkiyar's poem here. Sivavakkiyar is considered to be one of the greatest Shidda poets along side Thirumoolar and Pattinathar. His poems questions Hindu religious structure, Brahmanical supremacy, idol worship, authority of Vedas and Agamas, caste systems. He has written around 520 poems. Below poem questions the madness of love and love for oneself/body.

Your food after death – Arunagiri – Kandaralankaram 51

மலையாறு கூறெழ வேல்வாங்கி னானை வணங்கியபின் நிலையான மாதவஞ் செய்குமி னோநும்மை நேடிவருந் தொலையா வழிக்குப் பொதிசோறு முற்ற துணையுங்கண்டீர் இலையா யினும் வெந்த தேதா யினும்பகிர்ந் தேற்றவர்க்கே. O People of the world! Worship the One, who sent the lance  through the mountain and shatter it into six parts, and, in steadfast love, perform penance. Share food be it raw or cooked ... Continue Reading →

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