Dont let me beg for knowledge….Kandaranuputhi 45

The magician of words – Aurnagiri’s poem on lord Murugan.

 கரவாகிய கல்வி உளார் கடை சென்று

 இரவா வகை மெய்ப் பொருள் ஈகுவையோ?

 குரவா, குமரா, குலிசாயுத, குஞ்

 சரவா, சிவயோக தயாபரனே. 

Gracious Lord

who grants sivayoga to all!

Promordial youth,

guru riding the elephant

armed with thunderbolt!

Will you impart the truth

so I need not beg

at the doors of those

who learned

but do not share it?

Poet: Arunagiri

Translated by Fred Clothey

This poem has great essence of Bakthi culture to it. Unlike northern culture where relegion was based on rituals, the bakthi culutre had essence of loving god without any barriers. Here Arunagiri prays directly to the god and asks him to grant him knowledge. The communication is directly between him and the god.He here wishes that he gets the knowledge directly from the god rather than begging people who are learned and do not share with any one. Also shows difference between man and god. When god posses something he will share it with all when requested but man wishes to hide it so that only he can enjoy it.

And now to my favourite topic, the history of various myths involved here. Here if you see Arunagiri praises Murugan as raider of Elephant and posseser of the Thunderbolt. This must confuse most of the people , Indra is god who has used thunderbolt as his weapon and also had elephant Airavatham as his . So in the mythology we know, Murugan has peacock/cock and Vel(Lance). The myth of Murugan having elephant is from Sangam literature and the myth of Skanda having Thunder bolt is from sanskrit literature(from Mahabaratha version- where Indra gifts his weapon to Kumara , who uses it to destroy the evil in the form of mountain).


Tamil Urai: source

ஜெகத் குருவே, என்றும் இளையோனே, வஜ்ரப்படையாளியே, யானையை வாகனமாக உடையவனே, சிவயோகத்தை அடியார்களுக்கு உபதேசிக்கும் கருணாமூர்த்தியே, கல்வியை முழுதும் கற்றுவிட்டதுபோல் கள்ள பாசாங்கு செய்யும் போலி குருமார்களிடம் சென்று எனக்கு மெய்ப் பொருளை உபதேசம் செய்யவேண்டும் என்று இரஞ்சாமல் நீயே மெய்ப் பொருளாக நின்று எனக்கு உன்னையே நல்குவாயாக முருகா.


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  1. Is it true that Lord Murugan preached the Pranavam to Saint Arunagiri? Can someone clarify please?

  2. Hi Vairam,
    Thanks a lot-if not for your well written articles i would not have enjoyed such wonderful pieces of tamil litt.

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