Tamil Proverbs – Part 5


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Part 5 of my Tamil proverb collection. All proverbs tranlsted here are work of mine.

செல்லம் செரூக்குகிறதா ? வாசல் படி வழுக்கிறதா ?

Chellam serukkirathaa ? vaasal padi valukkirathaa?

Was it the unbound affection or the entrance to the house that made you slip?


Addressed to people who usually dont accept their mistake and put the blame on others. Happens typically with everyone, when we try to put blame on some other person so that we can escape from the mistakes we committed.

கடுகு களவும் களவுதான் , கற்புரம் களவும் களவு தான்.

Kadugu kalavum kalavuthaan, Karpooram kalavum kalavu thaan.

Theft is a theft ,be it stealing a mustard or  acamphor.


You cannot justify a crime by saying its very small crime.

” Sin is sin whether big or small.”

இன்றைக்கு இலை அறுத்தவன் நாளைக்கு குலை அறுக்கமாட்டானா?

Indraikku ilai aruthavan naaliku kulai arukkamaattaanaa?

Won’t the person who cut the leaves today , would cut the fruits tomorrow?


The idea is to cut down a mistake/crime in the beginning stage itself. One crime leads to another.

” He who hath done ill once will do it again.”

கூத்தாடி கிழக்கே பார்த்தான் , கூலிக்காரன் மேற்கே பார்த்தான்.

Koothadi kilake parthaan , koolikaran merke parthaan.

The dancer watched the east, the labourer watched the west.


The dancers perform all night long in festivals and wait for the sunrise(east) so that their payments will be made and can return home.  The labourer works all day long and see the west all the time since he would get his pay only at the sunset. The whole world works in the direction of money.

பாம்பாடிக்குப் பாம்பிலே சாவு , கள்ளனுக்கு களவிலே சாவு .

Paambatikku pambile saavu, kallanukku kalavile saavu.

Death of snake charmer would be caused by his snake, death of a thief will be caused by his theft.


If you do a sin you cannot escape from it, it will follow you. This theme is explored by so many movies these days like Bheema and Pattiyal.

Retribution follows a person from his own wickedness.


Reference : A classified collection of Tamil Proverbs by Rev. Herman Jensen


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  1. கூத்தாடி கிழக்கே பார்த்தான் , கூலிக்காரன் மேற்கே பார்த்தான்

    lovely vairam, such subtle words and profound meanings. beautiful


  2. Today we found your wonderful website along with interesting proverbs.Though we needed more like proverbs about AIDS needed for school competetion.

  3. கூத்தாடி கிழக்கே பார்த்தான் , கூலிக்காரன் மேற்கே பார்த்தான் .. Super super…..

  4. Hello. The prover KADUKU KALAVUM KALAVUTHAN KARPURAM KALAVUM KALAVUTHAN. Mustard is meant for personal use and karpooram is meant for others use. The other meaning for it is whether stealing is for own or for others, it is a steal

  5. I am holding on to my explanation – since it also matches Herman Jensen. Kadugu is just flavor adding ingredient and karporam is one object which extends the burning fire. Here it is employed to say if steal these small things also(which is not going to affect any one) it is still a crime.

  6. Hello friends ,

    tiruppathikke mottaiya

    palanikke panchamirdhama

    ithai yeppadi english proverb aga solvathu?

    help me


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