Tamil Proverbs- Part 11


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After a long time I am coming back to proverbs. mainly due to the request of two readers. The first two Proverbs are for those who requested it.

All proverbs are translated by me.

தண்ணீர் வெந்நீர் ஆனாலும் நெருப்பை அணைக்கும் .

Even if the water becomes hot water, it will quench the fire.

The Basic characteristic of a substance will remain even if it undergoes certain changes. Probably an Indian is always an Indian wherever he stays in the world(some one like me!..being in American I still have all love for Tamil!)

“Foul water as soon as fair, will quench hot fire.”

மலை அத்தனை சாமிக்குக் கடுகு அத்தனை கர்பூரம் .

To the god as big as the mountains, one prays with a camphor in size of a mustard seed.

Said in gratitude and about magnanimity of  person. God who is so great blesses you even if you pray him buring a small camphor. He sees the heart not with your ability to repay.

பழம் பழுத்தால் , கொம்பிலே தங்காது.

When a fruit becomes ripe, it would be too heavy for the branch to hold it.

When the time comes, certain things which are meant to happen will happen even if you dont want it that way. Student has to leave the school when he is educated. Son has to move away from house to earn his livelihood. Daughter has to leave the house after her marriage.

அள்ளாது குறையாது , சொல்லாது பிறவாது .

It will never decrease if it is not taken, if it is not spoken it never comes out.

Knowledge is everywhere, you have to find it and use it. If you dont take effort to access others knowledge , there will be no knowledge transfer. If you don’t speak your mind out and give your knowledge to others, your knowledge also remains useless.

This proverb is used during finding fault with on the basis of rumor heard. The heap will not decrease if not taken out. Likewise what you said not will not reach me If there is no fire there will not be smoke.(readers input – Thanks Prabulingam)

“Every why has a wherefore.”

மாவு இருக்கிற மனதைப்போல், கூழில் இருக்கும் குணம் .

The gruel’s will be as good as the flavor of the  ingredient flour.

Simple proverb. You are as good as your upbringing.

மனம் கொண்டது மாளிகை.

Any place is a palace if your heart decides so.

The world is as good as the way you see it. If your satisfied with your small hut, it feels like a place to live inside it. Like Krishana who thought even a handful of rice(aval) from Sudama is a worthy treat.

” A yood hope is better than a bad possession.” ”
Fancy may bolt bran and think it four.”
” A black plum is as sweet as a white.”

உலகத்துக்கு ஞானம் பேய் , ஞானத்திற்கு உலகம் பேய் .

For the world wisdom is the biggest evil, for wisdom world is the biggest evil.

People in the world like to live in their own way. They wouldn’t like to be advised to behave in a wise way. Thats why you see Barathiyar hated by his own community (while he lived) or  people who hate police for strictly enforcing law. For wisdom the people of the world are the biggest enemy.
i.e., The world and Wisdom (Guana) are opposed.

வண்ணானுக்கும் நிர்வாணிக்கும் உறவு என்ன ?

What relationship can a washerman and a naked asetic have?

Washerman lives on the money he earns from washing clothes of other people.  Proverb is aimed at people who share no common interest but stay together like alliance between parties before election.

பொங்கின பால் போயப்பால்

Boiling milk is always deceptive.

When milk boils, it raises and looks foamy and it occupies the whole container. But the actuall volume after it cools down is really less.  Any sudden inflation is always deceptive like the share market.

அம்மணத்தேசத்தில் கோமணம் கட்டினவன் பைத்தியக்காரன் .

In a nation of naked people, the one who wears a rag is considered a mad man.

” You must do in Rome as Rome does.”.


If you need any specific proverb please post a request as a comment, I will try to find the required proverb.


Reference : A classified collection of Tamil Proverbs by Rev. Herman Jensen


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  1. அள்ளாது குறையாது , சொல்லாது பிறவாது .

    It will never decrease if it is not taken, if it is not spoken it never comes out.

    See the beauty of tamil – பிறவாது – unborn.


  2. Hello, I contradict with you on ALLATHU KURAIYATHU SOLLATHU PIRAVATHU and further ILLATHU PUGAIYATHU. This proverb is used during finding fault with on the basis of rumor heard. The heap will not decrease if not taken out. Likewise what you said not will not reach me If there is no fire there will not be smoke. The original context is as above. The explanation given is irrelevant and with passive thought, which will not bring the original depth of the proverb. Please reconsider it. Thanking you

  3. Heello. It is about the Janathithirku ulagam etc. The original text should be as ULAKATHIRUKKU JANAM POI (NOT PAAI) JANTHIRKU ULAGAM POI. Pai Means devil. Poi means false. To siddhas and saints all the things seen are not eternal and thus some day everything will disappear. Siddhas insist God and in the name of God restricts common men. Hence common man thing janam poi (false) You may well aware of a saying KAYAME ITHU POIYADA ITHU KAATTRADAITHA PAIYADA. ULAGAE MAYAM VALVEAQ MAYAM. Thankyou.

  4. By the way I guess all yo have been doing is going thorugh my blog I guess….all these dasy I worried I dont have an editor..guess you are doing the job for me!!!! Thank you!!

  5. Request:

    English proverb translation for the tamil proverb “kaakaiku than kunju pon kunju”..


  6. அள்ளாது குறையாது, சொல்லாது பிறவாது,என்பது தவறானது.
    அள்ளாது குறையாது, சொல்லாது பிறளாது.என்பதே சரியான பழமொழி ஆகும்.
    வருகின்ற வார்த்தைகள் வதந்தியாக திரிபடையும், அதனால் சொல்லாதே வார்த்தைகளே பிழையாக மாறிவிடாதவை, என்பதே பொருள்.

  7. GREAT JOB —-kindly help me with the tamil equivalent for THE BEST GRAMMARIAN IS THE WORST WRITER
    —————————-THANK YOU -regards vaishnavi

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