A tribute to Kapila for being praised by Padma Bushan Padma Subramanyam

First thanks to my friend Shiddarth Vijayaragavan for calling me and letting me know of this event.

Regular reader of this blog and probably I can go on to say a friend I gained through this blog , Kapila Venu, a Kuttiyattam dance artist from Kerala was praised by Padma Bhusan Padma Subramanyam as one of the most Talented Dancers in India in the Coffee with Anu show. She went on to give her Coffee award (for achievers/emerging talents) to Kapila.

I am posting the video from Coffee with Anu,

To be praised by one of the greatest Dancers this nation has produced is some thing extraordinary .

Like how each Tamilian/Indian felt happy and took pleasure in Rahman winning Oscar, I am also having great pleasure when I watch this video, as she is one of the very early readers of this blog. I hope other readers of this blog would also would share my feeling.

Some old Hindu Articles on her



I am not sure if you have noticed. In the ‘other important blogs’  column  you could see a Blog ‘Virali’s Blog’. It is Kapila’s blog.

Big congrats to Kapila and hope she continues to read my blogs(ending with a selfish note)!!!


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