Tamil Proverbs Part 12


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Part 12 of my proverb section.


இழவுக்கு வந்தவள் தாலி அறுப்பாளா ?

Would a women who came to attend a funeral throw away her Thali?

Sorrow and misery could be understood only by the people who are experiencing it and at the same time you cannot expect other to empathise for your miseries.

” The comforter’s head never aches”

ஊர் எல்லாம் வாழ்கிறது என்று வீடு எல்லாம் அழுது புரண்டாலும் வருமா ?

Would it matter if you cry rolling all over your house that the village is prospering?

Rather than being jealous of people who are propsering you should try to work and and become wealthy your self.

” Malice drinketh its own poison.”

தாய் முகம் காணாத பிள்ளையும் , மழை முகம் காணாத பயிரும் உருபடாது.

A child that has not seen the face of the mother and the crop which has not seen the rain would never prosper.

Proverb to tell importance of rain and mother!

ஆடு கொழுக்கிறதெல்லாம், இடையனுக்கு லாபம் .

Growth of the sheep is profit to the sheperd.

Though it(sheep growing or becoming more chubby) is of no use to the shepherd intially he has the final laugh. The growth of the sheep/goat finally becomes profit for the shepherd (as meat or wool). Can be said to people investing in stocks. The growth of the company is indirectly more money for them.Something your not directly involved but reap the benefits.

எதிரிக்குச் சகுனத்தடை என்று மூக்கை அறுத்துக் கொள்ளுகிறது போல.

To cut your nose to cause a bad omen for your enemy.

Said to people who will go to any extent to cause worries to people they hate.

“Envy shoots at others and wounds herself.”

“Cutting off one’s nose to spite one ‘s face.”

குதிரை குருடானாலும் , கொள்ளு தின்கிறதில் குறைய ?

Would the blind horse eat lesser fodder?

Would a person of lesser caliber give up his  luxury?
” A bad horse eats as much as a good one.”

செல்லும் செல்லாததுக்கும் செட்டியார் இருக்கிறார்.

Chettiar is there to tell weather this is a valid currency or not.

Chettiar caste are known to be bankers of Tamil society. So if you want to know weather currency is valid or not, banker is always there to tell it.

To go to the expert when there is a doubt!

அரைக்கிறவன் ஒன்று நினைத்து அரைக்கிறான், குடிகிறவன் ஒன்று நினைதுக்க் குடிக்கிறான் .

The thought of the one who grinds all the ingredients is different from the one who drinks it.

The one who produces has different thoughts from the one who consumes. Consumer wants good product where as the producer wants profit.

தொன்மை நாடி , நன்மை விடாதே.

Don’t forsake the good in search for the ancient.

It is as if the proverb is directed to me. Usually people brood over their past and forget their present.
” The olden age was never the present age.”

நல்லவன் உறவை நாலு பணம் கொடுத்துச் சம்பாதிக்கவேண்டும் , கேட்டவன் உறவை பத்துப் பணம் கொடுத்து நீக்கவேண்டும்.

Pay 4 times to buy the friendship of a good man , pay 10 times to annul your friendship with a bad man.


Reference : A classified collection of Tamil Proverbs by Rev. Herman Jensen


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  1. Hi Vairam,

    Great Blog!!

    One kind request.. I would like to know the equivalent English proverb for the Tamil proverb “vilaiyaatu vinaiyaagum”.

    Thanks in advance..

  2. Plani,

    Great blog..no doubt about that, In addition to my previous comment, The only thing what i felt is the layout of your blog. Would be very nice if you remove few gadgets on the right side on the page.

    Thanks again, Hari

  3. Hello, here is another comment on the proverb THONMAI NAADI NANMAI VIDATHE. The original meaning is “do not neglect the benefit, because it is a old custom etc” Whether old or new consider the benefit of it. Thank you

  4. Please carefully read the proverb, thonmai – ancient , naadi – seeking, nanmai – good , vidathe – dont leave.
    Dont leave some thing good in search of ancient.
    Your explanation doesn’t fit with the word structure.
    Brathis poem also have similar feeling.. dont think to much of the past greatness ..make good of the present.

  5. Hello, It is to Divya Ratan. The correct word is ‘vilaivathu vinaiyagum’ Meaning is what you now getting or suffering is the result of your earlier doing or of previous birth. It explain the Karma theory of Hindu belief.

  6. செல்லும் செல்லாததுக்கும் செட்டியார் இருக்கிறார்- i think this means, for selling things there is chettiar, you do the farming. means ” u do your duty, dont worry about whether u will succeed or not- someone (God) is there to take care”. thanks.

  7. Dear Editor,

    If a language is badly mauled by syntax error or the improper transliteration or translation or if any faux pas having crept in, the whole elegance and charm of it is lost once and for all. Requesting kindly to look in to printer’s devil before the final editing takes to the form. Regretfully I noticed one such in this page wherein instead of the word ‘whether’, ‘weather’ has erroneously reared its ugly head thereby destroying the intended meaning. Of course one cannot translate it cano-denotatively, but then one should not bare such open blunder. As I am humble student of linguistic uprightness, I am making this earnest appeal to strictly adhere into !! Thanks. R.Kesavan. kesavan7777@yahoo.com

  8. All are interesting. Very nice proverbs and explanations. Thanks. B.Nirmala

  9. Nice messaging. Koozhanalu kulithu kudi kanthaiyanalum kasaki kattu please send english send to English translation sir

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