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Greatness of Tamil:

Part1- Tamil origins and Ancient nature

Part 2 – Sanskrit the magic wand?

Part 3 – Unique nature of Tamil

99 Tamil flowers – Kurunjipaatu:

Guest Blog:

Essays :

Sangam – Puram/Wisdom/Heroic poems:

Tamil Proverbs:

Tamil Wordlist:



Kamba Ramayanam:

Relegion/Devotional :

Tamil Cinema:

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2 responses to “Index of All posts”

  1. ram Avatar

    do you know the facts about the story of Pillayaar, Ganesha God, (how he is having the head of elephant). Can you write something about that?

  2. Palaniappan Vairam Avatar

    Pillayar worship has very late origins in Tamil Nadu. And doesn’t fall under my area of interest namely Pre bakthi literature. So I dont think I would be writing any article in near future.
    But here is the most comprehensive article you can find on origins of Pillayar worship in Tamil Nadu
    Thank you,

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