Tamil Birds – Different types of kuruvi – Part 2


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6.காட்டுள்ளான் kāṭṭttuḷḷkāṉllan
Common Name:Wood snipe

Latin Name:Gallinago nemoricola

The Wood Snipe (Gallinago nemoricola) is a species of snipe which breeds in the Himalayas of northern India, Nepal, Bhutan and southern China. In winter, it occurs at lower altitudes in the Himalayas, as a regular visitor in small numbers to north Vietnam. it also occurs as a vagrant in central and southern India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar, north Thailand and Laos.

காட்டுள்ளான் kāṭṭttuḷḷkāṉllan


காட்டுள்ளான் kāṭṭttuḷḷkāṉllan



7.அக்காக்குருவி akkā-k-kuruvi,குயில் kuyil, கோகிலம் kōkilam,பஞ்சது pañcatu,பிகம் pikam, வலாசகம் valācakam,இசைக்குரற்கருவி icai-k-kuraṟ-kuruvi ,களகண்டம் kaḷa-kaṇṭam

Common Name: Koel

Latin Name:Eudynamis honorata

The Asian Koel (Eudynamys scolopaceus) is a member of the cuckoo order of birds, the Cuculiformes. It is found in South Asia, China, and Southeast Asia. It forms a superspecies with the closely related Black-billed and Pacific Koels which are sometimes treated as subspecies. The Asian Koel is a brood parasite that lays its eggs in the nests of crows and other hosts, where the young are raised by the foster parents. They are unusual among the cuckoos in being largely frugivorous as adults.

அக்காக்குருவி akkā-k-kuruvi Female


அக்காக்குருவி akkā-k-kuruvi male



8.கொண்டலாத்தி koṇṭndalātti, பாட்டாணி paṭṭttāṇni,புழுக்கொத்தி puḻlu-k-kotti,பெருங்கொடை perunṅ-koṭtai

Common Name: Hoopoe, having a beautiful crest erected at will

Latin Name: Upupaepops

The Hoopoe (pronounced /ˈhuːpuː/), Upupa epops, is a colourful bird that is found across Afro-Eurasia, notable for its distinctive ‘crown’ of feathers. It is the only extant species in the family Upupidae. One insular species, the Giant Hoopoe of Saint Helena, is extinct, and the Madagascar subspecies of the Hoopoe is sometimes elevated to a full species.

புழுக்கொத்தி puḻlu-k-kotti


9.கொண்டலாத்தி koṇṭndalātti

Common Name:Hill bul- bul

Latin Name:Otocompsa jocosa

The Red-whiskered Bulbul (Pycnonotus jocosus) is a passerine bird found in Asia. It is a member of the bulbul family. It is a resident frugivore found mainly in tropical Asia. It has been introduced in many tropical areas of the world where populations have established themselves. It feeds on fruits and small insects and they conspicuously perch on trees and their calls are a loud three or four note call. The distinctive crest and the red-vent and whiskers makes them easy to identify. They are very common in hill forests and urban gardens within its range.

கொண்டலாத்தி koṇṭndalātti


கொண்டலாத்தி koṇṭndalātti


கொண்டலாத்தி koṇṭndalātti


கொண்டலாத்தி koṇṭndalātti



10.கொண்டைக்கரிச்சான் koṇndṭai-k-karic- cānṉ,

Common Name:Hair-crested king- crow

Latin Name:Chibia hottentota

உச்சிச்சூட்டுள்ள கரிக் குருவிவகை. (W.)

The Hair-crested Drongo or Spangled Drongo (Dicrurus hottentottus) is an Asian bird of the family Dicruridae. It is native from India and Bhutan throughIndochina to China, Indonesia, and Brunei (BirdLife International 2008). Hair-crested Drongos move in small flocks and are very noisy.

கொண்டைக்கரிச்சான் koṇndṭai-k-karic- cānṉ


கொண்டைக்கரிச்சான் koṇndṭai-k-karic- cānṉ



11.சூறைக்குருவி cūṟai-k-kuruvi

Common Name: Rose-coloured starling, found in flocks on the cholam fields,

Latin Name:Pastor roseus;

சோள வயலிற் கூட்டங்கூட்டமாகக் காணப்படும் குருவிவகை.

The Rosy Starling, or Rose-coloured Starling, Sturnus roseus is a passerine bird in the starling familySturnidae.The Rosy Starling is a bird of steppe and open agricultural land. In years when grasshoppers and other insects are abundant, it will erupt well beyond its core range, with significant numbers reaching France and the UK.

சூறைக்குருவி cūṟrai-k-kuruvi


சூறைக்குருவி cūṟrai-k-kuruvi


சூறைக்குருவி cūṟrai-k-kuruvi



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  1. இந்த குருவி வகைகள் நம் பாடல்களில் ( சங்கம் ) வருகின்றனவா.

  2. Hello friend It is me again. I think the picture under caption “Akkakuruvi” is the a crow named as “Andangkakkai”. Please verify again.

  3. @Prabulingam Asian koel is not jungle crow. This bird belongs to cuckoo family and the photo that admin attached is exact.

    @Palaniappan vairam In wikipedia, common hawk cuckoo is named akka kuyil.. But you said it to be Asian koel. Can you please verify and tell as I am so eager to know. Your work is commendable and great indeed.

  4. @Palaniappan The bird which you quoted as akka kuruvi didn’t agree well with the info provided in Wikipedia. Can you please verify and let me know. I am so eager to know it.
    Your work is really commendable and great. Vaazhthukkal 🙂

    @Prabulingam. The bird you are saying as jungle crow alias andangkkaakai , is Asian koel and you can see the difference through the eyes and its size. Asian koel has red eyes and its size is diff from that of jungle crow, where it has a long tail feather. Besides Asian koel has yellowish white beak.

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