Tamil Classical Literature – Primer

I have been blogging in this site for 12 years now. Few days back someone pinged me asked if there is any structured course to understand Sangam Literature for beginners. I thought about it especially if you are not the kind of B.A.Tamil student you generally dont get a course on Basics especially for beginners and people who are not well versed in Tamil.

With COVID 19 , I am any way doing weekly talks in Facebook live, SO I though I could utilize the time to prepare a virtual class for Tamil Classical literature for beginners and people who are not well versed with Tamil.

I am thinking of weekly or Biweekly class on Tamil Classical literature. This will help you understand the literature, help you read the actual work on your own without translation or urai.

I am planning to have a token fee to keep both my dedication and your dedication going till end of the course. This will be 10 -1 hours classes. No knowledge in Tamil Literature required.

Also due to nature of subject, Adults only.

Fees tentatively – $10 or INR 600 If interested – please fill the form For people interest in Tamil Classical Literature class , please fill in this form for me to understand the audience mix and interest. Also to understand what is the apt timings.



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