Tamil Proverbs Part8


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Eighth part of my Tamil proverb collection. All translation are done by me.

கட்டி வைத்த பணத்தைத் தட்டிப் பறித்தார்போல.

Kattivaitha panathai thatti paritharpola.

It is as if the money tied up in the small bag, getting snatched away .


Women usually save the money in small bag called ‘surukku pai’ which has a thread around it in the top to tie a knot . Tight knot is a safe way to keep the money. Even after all this saftey some one sntaches it away. So when bad times come , it hits you badly even if you take safety measures before hand.

ஆற்றிலே போகுது தண்ணீரை , அப்பா குடி , ஆத்தாள் குடி.

Aatrile poguthu thanneeru, appa kudi,aathal kudi.

The water is running in the river, father drink it, mother drink it.


When there is a chance to get some thing free, people try to utilise it shamelessly in a maximum possible way.

மதில் மேல் பூனை போல .

Mathil mel poonai pol.

Like a cat standing on the wall.


It is proverb directed at people who are indecisive or who change the decisions very often. When a cat is on the wall you never know which direction it is going to jump.

பிள்ளை பெறப் பெறப் ஆசை , பணம் சேரச் சேர ஆசை .

Pillai pera pera aasai, panam sera sera aasai.

After every child your desire for children increases, after every penny saved your desire for money increases.


I should confess its an outdate proverb, no one can have more than two children these days due to economy!

Desire never stops , it increases even after satisfaction.

” The more one has, the more one wants.”

பூனை கொன்ற பாவம் உன்னோடு , வெல்லம் தின்ற பாவம் என்னோடு.

Poondai kondra pavam unnodu, vellam thindra paavam ennodu.

Let the sin of killing the cat be with you, and let the sin of eating the jaggery stay with me.


A greedy merchent went to a priest after killing a cat, he brought a some jaggery so that the priest using the jaggery can do some remmedy (parigaram) for his sin. The priest ate the jaggery and said the following proverb!


Reference : A classified collection of Tamil Proverbs by Rev. Herman Jensen


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  1. Hello, the explanation given for the prover AATHILE THANNIR APPA KUDI AMMA KUDI. The real meaning is that one serve not at his own cost, but on the cost of others. Some people treat the guest luxuriously if somebody is paying for it. Thanking you

  2. I wonder how your explanation differs from mine. I have employed the word free you have used ‘somebody paying for it’ ‘cost of others’. The essence of the proverb remains the same.

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