99 Tamil Flowers – Kurunjppaatu – Slide show and Downloadable PDF


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May 18th  2011

I would like to thank Dr.Francis Muthu, who encouraged me to convert this blog into a research paper. I have recently written a paper ‘Kuṟiñcippāṭṭu and 99 flowers’to been soon published in a journal. I researched for a month in addition to time spent compiling this blog and the knowledge gained in the two years. Based on my findings I have updated this blog. This blog would now feature photos of all 99 flowers (annicam is not properly identified yet).


Its two years since I started this blog. And of the two years one post which really changed my attitude towards Tamil Literature was the 99 Tamil flowers blog.


2 Years of Karka Nirka – https://karkanirka.wordpress.com/thank-you-for-the-support/2-years-of-karka-nirka/


The blog single-handedly gave me new set of viewers and also appreciation from all quarters. So for the second anniversary I decided to make this post even popular by creating a slide show and also a downloadable PDF format of the slide show.

I hope readers would forward this page to as many people as possible. I also had request from lot of viewers to have this in a slide show format and there is no better occasions than the second anniversary of the blog.

But still to readers the 99 Tamil Flower blog series will be important since, only in the blog format you might be able to copy picture and also photo sources lexicon links are available.

The slide show format will be a quick view type without additional information and references. The downloadable version is of PDF format.

The PDF format can be used for presentations and lectures in case any body needs it.

The full post


Slide Show:

Downloadable versions:

16 Mb file



99 Tamil flowers – Kurunjipaatu:


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  1. Wonderful work , great effort on putting them altogether .. please add more.. I will you some from Malaysia.

  2. Dear Vairam,I have seen your work on kurinjippattu flowers.As a student of tamil I felt joy and excitement.I am 69.But never i have come across such an attempt to show the flowers oof the ancient tome.Your work is simply superb.I have seen my long time dream of making sangam period into picture became a reality by y0ur work.Blessings to you.Lord Murugan will shower upon you all the wealth in the earth.Your loving Balu.

  3. Just awesome. You have put extraordinary efforts to create such informative, beautiful and interesting blog. To me a retired engineer, find such postings give immense pleasure
    and honestly think how you all spend the time in creativity and knowledge sharing. Thank you and God Bless!!

  4. I congratulate you on this monumental work. I suppose all these flowers are still seen in Tamil Nadu and India as a whole. Thank you very much. Best regards

  5. இர.வெங்கடசுப்ரமணியம், திருப்பூர். says:

    இரண்டு வருடமாக தேடி கிடைக்காத பூக்களின் பெயர்களை இணைய தளத்தின் பதிவு செய்த நண்பருக்கு நெஞ்சார்ந்த நன்றிகள்.
    தொடரட்டும் உங்கள் பணி.

  6. Very good work – so much effort has gone into this . Extremely interesting. Flowers which were mostly only names to me now have a living persona

  7. Dear friend,

    Thanks for posting this. Wonderfully done.

    Just wanted to let you know that the link in Annicham malar page seem to be out-dated.

    Thanks again!

  8. Very useful document. In a present scenario where the Tamil language is forgotten by many, Sir, you have taken a painstaking effort to get this done. Appreciable work. I am searching for pictures of flowers like this for 3 weeks. I got it here. Thank you very much sir

  9. It is an useful page for one who want to know about tamil culture..
    You are going good works..Can you add few siddha medicine related literatures also??

  10. s.Narmatha pollachi

    its very excellent .i saw all those wonderfull flowers which i have heared and not heared.thanks for althose who do these wonderful work

  11. kambanum bharathiyum ungalln indha muyarchiyaipparthirundhal pattale paamalai soodiyirupparkal.
    indhappookkall ovvondrayum kaana kankodivendum ondragakanum perupetrom
    indha poopola ungalin sevai ettuthikkum paravattum

  12. karu.jegan athani dear friend tetinalum kitaikkatha intha kurunjippaatu malarkalai tedi payanitthu nammutaiya senthamilukku neenkal seitha intha sevaiku en manamarntha nantrikalum paraattukalum…. pls forward this malarkal

  13. Sir,
    pookkalin punnakaiyai kanden , nan ennai maranthu sanga kalathukku chendren.


  14. Really nice sir…………………I learned a lot of local flowers name and your project shows how we are misplacing the original names…Really a splendid job

  15. great work. lot of time and dedication has been taken for this..so many flowers i have read only in novels and it was nice to see what were they. can you send me pictures of manoranjtham, parijatham , shenbagappoo ? I might have seen in this slide show, but couldnt place them with their ancient names.

  16. really superb. this help a lot for us. I heard some names in Tamil not in English but now i know all. Thanks for this opportunity.

  17. தமிழரின் பண்பாட்டுச் சான்றுகளை மீட்டுத் தந்தமைக்கு நன்றி!!!

  18. Sir awesome work…..so many Tamil people do not know the names of our flowers n tamil….I really wanted see the pictures of the flowers which i know only by name , came through my tamil books…I just know konrai, ambal,kurinji,mullai etc.but really surprised to c various flowers with name and picture…..lovely collection.till now I thought palai, neydhal….are name of tamil civilaization. thanku…..I didn’t c “Manoranjitham” flower in ur collection…..is it there? coz I could’nt view some pics.pls upload that too……

  19. நன்றி !! அருமையான தொகுப்பு, தொடரட்டும் உங்கள் பணி.

  20. Wonderful and needy work. I appreciate your himalayan task. Thank you so much.

  21. itha kandu pidikka nan patta padu irukkey ayyyayyoo
    kandu pidithavudan sema happy pa so thanks by Ramya mayiladuthurai

  22. its truly a work of beauty. its mesmerizing hats off for your efforts.

  23. stupendous and marvelous work. seeing the flowers takes me back to the golden sangam period of the tamils.your innovative effort will rekindle tamilians interest in their divine language

  24. Malarvizhi.k
    Chemmozhimayyatthilirundu Bangalore Tamil Sangham moolamaaga sangam literature mozhipeyarpu nadandukondulladu kurinjipattu kannadatthil mozhipeyarkum pozhudu engalukku migavum udaviyaaga iruppadu mattrumallamal
    sanga kaltthukku kapilarodu payanam cheyyavaitthu 99 malargalai paartthu paravasa mazhayil nanayavatthdarku mikka magizhchi, mikka nandri

    Thangal sevai thodarndukonde irukkattum.

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  27. Hi one second thanks to all feedback if any person got any information pls post r mail me thanks one second bye best of luck vazhga tamil

  28. It was very useful for me. Keep sharing such ideas in the future as well. This was actually what I was looking for, and I am glad to came here! Thanks for sharing the such information with us.

  29. Recently came across the seyyul on flowers and was planning to find if these flowers stil exist and possibly make an attempt to document pictures of them if its not been done already, but I came across your Blogpost, Great Effort ! 🙂

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