Karka Nirka in Stanford University Radio

Tomorrow  – Feb 2th, I am featuring in Its Diff Show (http://www.itsdiff.com/Tamil.html) hosted by Sri in KZSU 90.1 Stanford University Radio –

9.30-10.40 PM (Indian Standard Time)

10.30 to 11.40 AM (EST),7.30-8.40 AM (PST)

I will be talking  about Sangam Literature and my inspirations to start this Karka Nirka blog.  Listeners can participate in this interactive show. Please call this number +1-650-723-9010 if you want to join the discussion during the show.

You can listen live in http://kzsulive.stanford.edu/

Please listen to the show and give your comments.





  1. I am happy to know about your noble activity through the message sent by you and my happiness doubled on seeing the subject you have chosen for the talk. Keep it up, Sir

  2. Sir, i heard your via radio, one small comment on kavari mann, may be it depends on its hair to lead the life in cold himalayas. if it loses its hair then will obviously lose its life..

    myths will always have some little truth, its my opinion

    your work is good please continue your goodness.


  3. You are doing an excellent job,even anybody from Tamil Nadu not shown any interest to do so much in english language,enable the entire World to know about Tamil Language,Culture,Literature. I appreciate your great monumental work. God bless you.

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