Dravidian origin of Tamil and its Impact

More and More evidence are flowing to show that Proto Dravidian language of Indus came down to present Tamil geographical area. So we need to understand impact of such findings. If Tamil was language of Dravidian immigrants, what was the language of the natives of South India? Who were the natives of South India? Were they Homo Sapiens? Is Tamil the mother language? Who popularized Tamil in South India? Was there a cultural capital in Madurai?

All these questions are answered in the video with emerging research.


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  1. Hi Vairam, today, july 6, 2020 i was introduced to your immense research and wealth of knowledge. I attended your Enna Naarpathu at zheeBoom baa Zoom session organized by Jay from Atlanta. Kudoes to you.. simply amazed.. you need to have a website and these and also expand your reach.. i feel i haven’t heard about your silent revolution.. your casual way of answering and depth of your research and confident and cool answers simply amazes me.


    Kamaraj Manthla kingpeace2991@gmail.com

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