Tamil Proverbs 3

Third part of my Proverb collection. All the proverbs are translated by me.


வெறும் வாய் மெல்லுகிற அம்மையாருக்கு அவல் அகப்பட்டது போல .

It is like a bowl of Aval(Rice obtained from fried paddy by pestling it) given to a woman who has been chewing her empty mouth.


A proverb which describes sarcastically the joy that a woman finds in a gossip.

” Arthur could not tame a woman s tongue.”


பந்தியிலே வேண்டாம் வேண்டாம் என்றாலும் , இலை போத்தல் இலை போத்தல் என்கிறான்.

Though I repeatedly refuse to take him to place where food was served, he is constatly saying that there is holes in the Ilai (leaf plate).


This proverb is typically said of people who are not wanted at a particular place, but they still don’t care when others give a hint he isn’t wanted and go about criticising things around. Especially in joint family there would be person who isn’t good at anything but will show of to every one as if he is a big person in the family to other visitors in any function. This trend can be seen in lot of movies esp where the hero’s bother in law or heroines mom’s brother is a good for nothing character(Most of the times Vadivelu ends up in this role).


உழுகிற நாளில் ஊருக்குப் போய், அறுக்கிற நாளில் அரிவாள் கொண்டு வந்தது போல.

During the ploughing season he goes about visiting places, but returns on time with his sickle for the harvest season.


This experience most of us would have had. Typically when people work in group, say four people work for a project, there will be two who work hard, one though he dosent work hard would always be with the group and help them in any possible way and finally there will be a person who is never present during the project. But that person would be knocking the doors of the group members right before the project submission to learn what he has to present the next day. The people who dont share the hardwork but share the benifit of the hardwork.


கஞ்சி கண்ட இடம் கைலாசம் , சோறு கண்ட இடம் சொர்க்கம் .

Any place which gives him rice-gruel is his Kailash, and whatever place which gives him rice is his Heaven.


This proverb is directed at people who have no aim in their life. Kailash or Siva Logam is place people reach after death. It is a great boon to see Shiva. Heaven or Sorgam is place ruled by Indra and is filled with pleasures. To attain Kailah or Heaven is a life time goal or the highest aim of many people. But the lazy people consider its heaven to get free food and never work hard.


சூடு கண்ட பூனை அடுப்பங்கரையில் சேராது .

The cat that has got fire burns will never go near the kitchen.


When you have any bad experience at all cost you will try to avoid going through it once again. 

“A burnt child dreads the Jire.”

“Adversity makes a man wise, not rich.”



Reference : A classified collection of Tamil Proverbs by Rev. Herman Jensen 

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