Sword of Separation – Kurunthokai 157

Poem on the feeling of Thalaivi due to her periods and the oncoming separation between Thalaivi and Thalaivan.

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குக்கூ என்றது கோழி அதன் எதிர்

துட்கென்றன்று தூய நெஞ்சம்

தோள் தோய் காதலர்ப் பிரிக்கும்

வாள் போல் வைகறை வந்தன்றால் எனவே.

Kurunthokai 157

When the rooster crows cuckoo

My pure heart is alarmed as the

Dawn appears like a sword to

Seperate my lover

who has embraced my shoulder

Poet: Allur Nanmullai

Translated by Palaniappan Vairam Sarathy.

Sensitivity of Women’s lyrics is always a touch better than that of men when it comes to love! Probably till the arrival of Sanitary napkin this was the practice across many homes in Tamil Nadu. Women seated in corner of the house close to back door with a ulakai in front.  Three days of not able to be with your husband/lover as you are not supposed to embrace men or cross the ulakai.  Thalaivi here according the colophon (or additional commentary not part of original text) has sensed her period has arrived and is worried that she can’t be without her husband for next 3 days. Even if the colophon is removed this is a beautiful poem on separation between lovers who have a night tryst.

period tamil



குக்கூ என்றது கோழி அதன் எதிர்

Kuku – crows – rooster – result – happen
துட்கென்றன்று தூய நெஞ்சம்

Alarmed – pure – heart
தோள் தோய் காதலர்ப் பிரிக்கும்

Shoulder- embraced – lover – seperate
வாள் போல் வைகறை வந்தன்றால் எனவே.

Sword – alike – day break /dawn – comes –so that


Kurunthokai – David Ludden and Shanmugam Pillai

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Tamil Lexicon – University of Madras



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