Tears of the shy girl – Ainkurunooru 266

This poem is the sixth poem of series of 10 poems from Ainkurunooru with reference to wild boar. These poems  by Kapilar speak of love and separation.

ஐங்குறுநூறு 266, கபிலர்குறிஞ்சித் திணை – தோழி தலைவனிடம் சொன்னது
சிறு கண் பன்றிப் பெருஞ்சின ஒருத்தலொடு,
குறுங்கை இரும்புலி பொரூஉம் நாட!
நனி நாண் உடைய மன்ற,
பனிப் பயந்தன, நீ நயந்தோள் கண்ணே.

You are the man from a mountain,

where an angry small eyed male pig

fights the short pawed tiger!

the girl you desire is very shy

and her eyes swell with tears!

Poet: Kapilar

Translation : Palaniappan Vairam Sarathy

Some background:  Thaliavan would be from a different village/hill. Thalaivan and Thalaivi have met and by context of this decade looks like they have had Iyarkai Punarchi. They meet every night secretly. In the mean time, other eligible families come in search of daughter in law.

Thaliavi is now worried that she may be married off to some one else. Reference of Tiger fighting the pig is battle beyond the might of the pig. A fight which will eventually lead to death of the pig. Friend (Panki/Thozhi) here alludes Thalaivi will die if Thalaivan doesnt act fast and marry her.

Alternatively can be understood as come like an Angry male pig and fight off the strangers and hold hand of your beloved as the reference is specific to male pig.

Visual reference:

Tiger boar fight


Word play:

குறுங்கை இரும்புலி

Contracting hands of the great tiger.

The visual motion described in words. As Tiger leaps to pounce on the pig, it contracts its front legs, hence the usage குறுங்கை. Though it is mostly interpreted as short paws, as it is easy to fit into translation.

நனி நாண் உடைய மன்ற,

Abundant – modesty/shame (shy) – have – clearly/abundantly

Thalaivi is shy and modest, so do not expect her to fight with her parents. She is not going to complain, rather she will die. Warning sign from Thozhi. Usage is in the tone, I have told you all that needs to be told, dont blame me later!


Ainkurunooru – Translation by P.Jyotimuthu

Learn Sangam Tamil

Tamil Lexicon – University of Madras


சிறு கண் பன்றிப் பெருஞ்சின ஒருத்தலொடு,

Small – eye – pig – great anger – male

குறுங்கை இரும்புலி பொரூஉம் நாட!

Short/contract/closeness/proximit- hand – great tiger – battle/fight – countryman

நனி நாண் உடைய மன்ற,

Abundant – modesty/shame (shy) – have – clearly/abundantly

பனிப் பயந்தன, நீ நயந்தோள் கண்ணே.

Tears swell –yield – you – desired – eye


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