Gold like son – Ainkurunooru 265

This poem is the fifth poem of series of 10 poems from Ainkurunooru with reference to wild boar. These poems  by Kapilar speak of love and separation.

ஐங்குறுநூறு 265, கபிலர்குறிஞ்சித் திணை – தலைவி தலைவனின் நண்பர்களிடம் சொன்னது
புலி கொல் பெண்பால் பூ வரிக் குருளை,
வளை வெண் மருப்பின் கேழல் புரக்கும்,
குன்று கெழு நாடன் மறந்தனன்,
பொன் போல் புதல்வனோடு என்  நீத்தோனே.

Ainkurunūru 265, Kapilar, Kurinji Thinai – What the Thalivi said to the Thalaivan’s friends

My man is from a radiant hillock

Where the pig with curved white horn

Protects its beautifully striped piglet

After its mother is killed by the tiger!

But my man has forgotten me!

He left me all alone with our gold like son!

 Poet: Kapilar

Translation : Palaniappan Vairam Sarathy

Some background:  Thaliavan would be from a different village/hill. Thalaivan and Thalaivi have met and by context of this decade looks like they have had Iyarkai Punarchi. They meet every night secretly and he eventually marries his love.

So they get married have a kid, and she is occupied with the kid. He wants new experiences. He is out enjoying with other women totally skipping her.

Thalaivi feels that Thalaivan has made up his mind like the pig which takes care of piglets once it loses its wife to a tiger. Thalaivi feels she will die due to the onslaught of the other women in her life (like tiger killing the female pig).

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Ainkurunooru – Translation by P.Jyotimuthu

Learn Sangam Tamil

Tamil Lexicon – University of Madras


புலி கொல் பெண்பால் பூ வரிக் குருளை,
Tiger – kill – female – beautiful– striped – young pig

வளை வெண் மருப்பின் கேழல் புரக்கும்,
curved – white- horn – pig – protect

குன்று கெழு நாடன் மறந்தனன்,
hillock – radiant – countryman – forgot

பொன் போல் புதல்வனோடு என்  நீத்தோனே.

Gold – alike – son – and me – separated/left alone


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