Chinese in Kambaramayanam

Yes you heard it right. Chinese in Kamba Ramayanam. Chinese, Turks, European armies in full force to destroy an Indian king! Who sent the forces, did the king survive??

Read on!


Kaushika (Vishwamitra – guru of Rama) is king of Kanyakubja Kingdom – modern day Kannauj district of Uttar Pradesh. He with his sons and his army goes to forest for hunting. After hunting, he visits hermitage of Sage Vashista.

Vashista offers food for the king, sons and all of his army.  Surprised how a sage could offer food for whole army he esquires the sage. Vashista says his divine cow(Surabhi/Nandini) generated all required food. Vishwamitra thought such cow could be put into better service for citizens of his country rather than just serve the sage and asked the sage to give the cow to him. Sage says he doesnt control the cow, if the cow comes the king can take along.

Vishwamitra unties the cow, cow asks the sage the question ‘ did you handover me to him?’ sage says ‘I didnt, its upto you to go’.  Cow refuses to leave. Vishwamitra orders his army to bring the cow to his palace.

Now read this passage

பப்பரர் எயினர் சீனர்

சோனகர் முதல பல்லோர்,

கை படை அதனினோடும்

கபிலை மாட்டு உதித்து, வேந்தன்

துப்பு உடைச் சேனை யாவும்

தொலைவு உறத் துணித்தலோடும்,

வெப்பு உடைக் கொடிய மன்னன்

தனயர்கள் வெகுண்டு மிக்கார


Barbarians, hunters, Chinese, Yavanas (Greek-Romans-Arabs) and many more

Arised from the Tawny cow along with their weapons

Cut off and annihilated the valorous army of the king!

Rage grew in the angry sons of the evil king!


Translated by Palaniappan Vairam Sarathy

Now think about it Cow generating Anti Indian army consisting of Chinese and Westerners (Arab/Europeans) to destroy great Indian king’s army. The army of the Indian king is destroyed by the foreign forces. Making the Kings sons angry.

Vishwamitra kills all the foreign forces with his special arrows and sends his arrows next at the cow, but Vashista with his Brahmadanda (Brahma’s stick) subsidies all the arrows. Humiliated Vishwamitra returns home and decides to become a sage himself.

It is very surprising to see Chinese army employed against Indian forces by Kamban. But this is an unique introduction by Kamban. Chinese don’t feature in Valmiki’s version.

Even in Valmiki’s version the cow creates anti Indian forces. In Valmiki’s version we just have Yavanas, Mlechha [Barbarians], Kambojas [Turkmenistan,Ajerbijan,Afghanistan], Kiratas [Nepal],Shaka [Scythians – European Nomads], Pahlava [Parthian empire – Persia/Iran] but he doesn’t have Chinese in his version.


तस्या हुंकारतो जाताः कांबोजा रवि सन्निभाः |
ऊधसः तु अथ संजाताः पह्लवाः शस्त्र पाणयः || १-५५-२
योनि देशात् च यवनः शकृ देशात् शकाः तथा |
रोम कूपेषु म्लेच्छाः च हारीताः स किरातकाः || १-५५-३

“From the ‘hums’ of her mooing Kaamboja-s similar to sunshine are born, from her udder Pahlava-s wielding weaponry are born, from the area of her privates Yavana-s, likewise from her rectal area Shaka-s, and from her hair-roots Mleccha-s, Haariitaa-s along with Kirataka-s are issued forth. [1-55-2, 3]

तैः तत् निषूदितम् सैन्यम् विश्वमित्रस्य तत् क्षणात् |
स पदाति गजम् स अश्वम् स रथम् रघुनंदन || १-५५-४

“At that very moment, oh, Rama the legatee of Raghu, Vishvamitra’s army comprising foot-soldiers, elephants, chariots and horses is utterly slaughtered by the Yavana, Mleccha etc., forces generated by the Sacred Cow. [1-55-4]



Thankfully in both versions the Anti Indian forces are destroyed by the Indian King [Jai Hind!].

Kamban just doesn’t stop here, he has more Chinese presence.

பல நாட்டு மன்னர்களும் வருதல் ((1194-1196))

1194. கங்கர் கொங்கர் கலிங்கர் குலிங்கர்கள்
சிங்கள அதிபர் சேரலர் தனெ்னவர்
அங்கராசர் குலிந்தர் அவந்திகர்
வங்கர் மாளவர் சோழர் மராடரே.
Gangas [Karnataka] , Kongu, Kalinga [Orissa], Kulinga [Thondai mandalam]

Sinhala king, Cheras, Tennavars (Pandiyas)

King of Anga [Bihar], Kulinda [Himachal,Uttrakand], Avanthika [Ujjain]

Vanga [Bengal,Bangladesh], Malwa [Indore], Chola, Maratha

1195. மான மாகதர் மச்சர் மிலேச்சர்கள்
ஏனை வீர இலாடர் விதர்ப்பர்கள்
சீனர் தெங்கனர்  செம்சகர் சோமகர்
சோனக ஈசர் துருக்கர் குருக்களே.
Magdha[Patna/Bihar], Matsya[Jaipur], Mlecchas [People with unkown language/Barbarian kings]

valiant  Latha [South West Gujarat], Vidharbha,

Chinese, Dhanaka tribes[Rajasthan], other fine kingdoms,Panchalas

lord of Yavanas, Turkish ,Kuru [around Delhi]

1196. ஏதி யாதவர் ஏழ் திறல் கொங்கணர்
சேதி ராசர் தலெுங்கர் கருநடர்
ஆதி வானம் கவிந்த அவனி வாழ்
சோதி நீள் முடி மன்னரும் துன்னினார்.

Yadavas with their weapons, seven groups of Konkans

Chedi king [Bundlekand], Telungas, Karantak

so on and every king under the sky

came to the marriage!


Translated by Palaniappan Vairam Sarathy

So for Rama’s marriage we have Europeans [Yavanas], Chinese and Turks kings coming in as well wishers. So you need to understand China is friendly country in Ram Rajya!

This version of kings visiting Rama’s marriage is not present in Valmiki’s version.

Chinese presence in Kamban’s version has to do more with successful trade relationship with Chinese during the Chola period.


Kamabaramayanam – Sundarakandam – Transaltion by P.S.Sundaram

Kamabaramayanam – Kamban Aranilai Kulu Urai


பப்பரர் எயினர் சீனர்

Barbarians – hunters – Chinese

சோனகர் முதல பல்லோர்,

Yavanas – and – many others

கை படை அதனினோடும்

Weapons – along with

கபிலை மாட்டு உதித்து, வேந்தன்

Tawny colored – cow – arise – king

துப்பு உடைச் சேனை யாவும்

Valor – possess – army – all

 தொலைவு உறத் துணித்தலோடும்,

Kill/exterminate – happen – cut off

வெப்பு உடைக் கொடிய மன்னன்

Anger – posses – evil – king

தனயர்கள் வெகுண்டு மிக்கார

Sons – wrath – grow

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