Shades of love moves on love and despair of young girls who see their king on procession (Ula) and fall deeply in love with him!

தாயர் அடைப்ப மகளிர் திறந்திடத்
தேயத் திரிந்த குடுமியவே – ஆய்மலர்
வண்டுலாஅங் கண்ணி வயமான்தேர்க் கோதையை
கண்டுலாஅம் வீதிக் கதவு

All the front doors bore the brunt and their hinges were worn out

After being repeatedly closed by the mothers

and opened by the girls who wanted get glance of their

Chera king, who wore flower garlands attracting bees.

on his horse chariot taking a royal procession on their streets!

வண்டுகள்  உலா வர செய்யும் மலர்களை சூடிய கோதை மன்னன்

குதிரை தேரில் உலாவரும் காட்சியை கண்டு

தயார் அடைத்திட பெண்கள் திறந்திடத்

தேய்ந்து போனது வீதிக் கதவின் முனை!


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Mothers were afraid that the daughters would fall into love with who they cannot attain (king wont marry every girl who falls in love with him!) and eventually waste their lives in love sickness. But the girls just can’t avoid not seeing him (its like Maddy after Alaipayuthe walking your street and your mother is not allowing you to see him!). So the mom closes the door and daughter opens it up, Moms sees the door open and closed it. But the girl opens it up again. This goes on and on till the king passes by and literally the door is damaged! What an imagination!

The poem is on a Chera king here!

About Muttollaiyiram (Three Times Nine Hundred)

Anthology of poems on on Pandya,Chera, Chola kings. Poet: anonymous

The work should have been 900 poems on each of Chera,Chola,Pandya kings. But only 46 on Chola, 23 on Chera, 60 on  Pandya kings have survived.

The poems are dated tobetween end of 6th-10th c. A.D .According Dr.Kamil Zvelebil the collection ‘Contains some exquisite and delicate verses of high craftsmanship. Some portions showing the king’s procession developed later into ula.  The work must have been very popular and influential since it is often quoted and referred to by commentators. ‘


Tamil Literature – Kamil Zvelebil

Lexicon of Tamil Literature – Kamil Zvelebil

Muttollaiyram – Central institute of Classical Language edition

Tamil Lexicon – University of Madras


தாயர் அடைப்ப மகளிர் திறந்திடத்

Mothers – close – girls – open

தேயத் திரிந்த குடுமியவேஆய்மலர்

Worn out – open –  Projecting corners on which a door swings – soft flower/lotus

வண்டுலாஅங் கண்ணி வயமான்தேர்க் கோதையை

bee – roam –  hosrse – chariot – chera king

கண்டுலாஅம் வீதிக் கதவு

See – royal procession – street – door


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