Two emotions – Sundrakandam -Kambaramayanam

One of the poems which illustrated why Kamban is hailed as one of the greatest Tamil poets. Situation: Hanuman is in search of Sita in Lanka. Finally seeing her in Ashoka vanam, he goes to her and identifies himself. To prove he was a messenger from Rama, he shares Rama's ring to her. Hanuman narrates... Continue Reading →


Surpanaka describing Rama Part2 – Kambaramayanam

2846. 'எவன் செய, இனிய இவ் அழகை எய்தினோன், அவம் செயத் திரு உடம்பு அலச நோற்கின்றான்? நவம் செயத் தகைய இந் நளின நாட்டத்தான் தவம் செயத் தவன் செய்த தவன் என்? 'என்கின்றாள். To what purpose does he who has gained such a sweet beauty punish himself so that his lovely body uselessly suffers? That this lotus-eyed man, the sight of whom... Continue Reading →

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