Shades of love moves on love and despair of young girls who see their king on procession (Ula) and fall deeply in love with him! நாணாக்காற் பெண்மை நலன் அழியும் முன்னின்றுகாணாக்காற்கைவளையுஞ் சோருமால் – காணேன்நான்வண்டுஎவ்வந் தீர்தார் வயமான் வழுதியைக்கண்டுஎவ்வந்தீர்தார் ஆறு. – 82 If I am not shy, my womanliness will be ruined If I stand before him and... Continue Reading →


From Sangam Literature to Vadivelu Comedy!

Two months ago I watched 'Muniyandi Vilangiyal Moondramaandu' movie. Though it was a crap movie, some thing really interested me. There comes a scene where Heroine who is deeply in love with Hero, is mistaken for being possesed by spirits and the parents invite priest here for the comedy element Vadivelu. This made me edit two of... Continue Reading →

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