Ravana’s feelings before kidnapping Sita- Kambaramanyam

Ravana has taken a form of saint and goes to the hut of Sita while she was alone. Rama and Lakshmana are in search of the Maricha in the form of golden deer. Sita goes to attend the saint, since she thinks its a good omen and it would save Rama from any potential danger.

சீதையைக் கண்ட இராவணன் மனநிலை (3442-3448)

3442. வெற்பு இடை மதம் என

வியர்க்கும் மேனியன்,

அற்பினின் திரை புரள்

ஆசை வேலையன்,

பொற்பினுக்கு அணியினைப்

புகழின் சேக்கையைக்

கற்பினுக்கு அரசியைக்

கண்ணில் நோக்கினா

With his body sweating like the flowing musth of an elephant,

like an ocean of desire crossed by rolling waves of love,

he saw her with his own eyes,she was an ornament

to beauty itself,repository of fame,the queen of purity.

3443. தூங்கல் இல் குயில் கெழு

சொல்லின், உம்பரின்

ஓங்கிய அழகினாள்

உருவம் காண்டலும்,

ஏங்கினன் மனநிலை

யாது என்று உன்னுவாம்?

வீங்கின; மெலிந்தன;

வீரத் தோள்களே.

When he saw the form of her whose beauty surpassed

the women of the gods and whose bright words were like the singing

of the sleepless kuil,what can I say of his thoughts as he felt

longing? His heroic shoulders grew thin and wasted away.

3444. புன மயில் சாயலின் எழிலில் பூநறைச்

சுனை மடுத்து உண்டு இசை முரலும் தும்பியின்

இனம் எனக் களித்துளது என்பது என்? அவன்

மனம் எனக் களித்தது கண்ணின் மாலையே.

Why say his row of eyes were as ecstatic as a swarm of bees

whose humming is music when they settle and drink from a spring

full of flower nectar,at her beauty as lovely as a

peacock in the forest? No! They were as ecstatic as his heart!

3445.   ” சேயிதழ்த் தாமரைச் சேக்கை தீர்ந்து இவண்

மேயவள் மணி நிற மேனி காணுதற்கு

ஏயுமே இருபது? இங்கு இமைப்பு இல் நாட்டங்கள்

ஆயிரம் இல்லை ! ” என்று அல்லல் எய்தினான்.

“Are twenty eyes enough here for me to look at the body

the color of a ruby of her who has left home

on the lotus with its red petals.I have no thousand

eyes that never blink!” he said and he felt pain.

3446.   ” அரை கடை இட்ட முக்கோடி ஆயுவும்

புரை தபு தவத்தின் யான் படைத்த போதுமே?

நிரை வளை முன்கை இந் நின்ற நங்கையின்

கரை அறு நல் நலக் கடற்கு ” என்று உன்னினான்.

“Are all the thirty five million lives that I have gained

through my faultless tapas enough,” he thought,” for this lovely

ocean of beauty without shores, this woman

standing here with a row of bangles on her wrists?”

3447.   ” தேவரும் அவுணரும் தேவி மாரொடும்

கூவல் செய் தொழிலினர் குடிமை செய்திட

மூவுலகமும் இவர் முறையின் ஆள யான்

ஏவல் செய்து உய்குவன் இனி ” என்று உன்னினான்.

And he thought,” Now I am saved. I will carry out her orders

while she rules,as she should,over all the three worlds

and the gods and the Asuras together with their wives will be

slaves to her, their duty only to do what they are commanded!”

3448.   ” உளைவு உறு துயர் முகத்து

ஔத இது ஆம் எனின்,

முளை எயிறு இலங்கிடும்

முறுவல் என்படும்?

தளை அவிழ் குழல் இவட்

கண்டு தந்த என்

இளையவட்கு அளிப்பன் என்

அரசு ” என்று எண்ணினான்.

“If she has this radiance in her face as she suffers pain,

what must her smile be like with the tender leaves of her teeth

glistening?” he thought, “I will give my kingdom away

to the younger sister who drew me to this woman with loosened hair.”

Poet: Kamban

Translated by George L. Hart and Hank Heifetz

Some of important features to note:

‘கண்ணில் நோக்கினான – he saw her with his own eyes ‘ – Till now Ravan has heard of Sita’s beauty only through Surpanaka, who with her words describing Sita has induced Ravana to a Love sickness. Surpanaka’s success is indicated by the last lines ‘தளை அவிழ் குழல் இவட்  கண்டு தந்த என் இளையவட்கு அளிப்பன் என் அரசு – I will give my kingdom away to the younger sister who drew me to this woman with loosened hair. ‘

Kamban also gives us an implied meaning that Ravana was actually in Love with Sita and just not the lust when he says more than the eyes his heart was ecstatic.

Kamban also employes sangam technique of Love sickness. Here tells about Ravana’s longing and also he his shoulder has grown thin after seeing Sita.

Ravana envy’s Indra for his Thousand eyes, since Indra being a God , he has the capability not to blink his eyes. Ravana wants 1000 eyes which don’t blink so that he can continously have the pleasure of looking at ravishing beauty of Sita.

He wants to crown her the queen of the three worlds, since he feels Sita was more beautiful than wife of any God. Ravana feels he is the undisputed leader of the three worlds since he has defeated every god , so he thinks that the most beautiful women in the world should be rightfully his and hence would be the queen of the three worlds. By feeling this way he also pitys the poor state in which Sita lives.

He believes that crowning Sita the queen of the world would make her very happy and he could witness the mother nature’s ultimate beauty , Sita’s smile.

By introducing the love sickness , Kamaban has taken the great poetic pleasure of describing the beauty of Sita through the mouth of Ravana.



Forest Book of Ramayana of Kamban by George L. Hart and Hank Heifetz

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