Am I not good enough? Ainkurunuru 204

Reworked on my old post again. This is one of cheeky poems of Sangam literature. It has level of boldness to it. These kind of situations you can encounter in lot of movies. Last one I can think off is Thani Oruvan and to some extent in Meyadha Maan.

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அன்னாய், வாழி, வேண்டு, அன்னை! அஃது எவன்கொல்?

வரையர மகளிரின் நிரையுடன் குழீஇ,

பெயர்வுழிப் பெயர்வுழித் தவிராது நோக்கி,

நல்லள் நல்லள் என்ப;

தீயேன் தில்ல, மலை கிழவோற்கே!

வரையாது வந்தொழுகும் தலைமகன் சிறைப்புறத்தானாகத் தலைமகள் தோழிக்குச் சொல்லியது

What She said when her lover was within very close distance from her

Long live my mother! Listen (my friend) – I have a doubt!

Women of the mountain gather as a crowd,

stare at me without turning away,

while I cross them

and say ‘(she is a) Good girl! Good girl!’

But why Am I not good enough for my man from the mountain ??

Poet: Kapilar

Translated by Palaniappan Vairam Sarathy

I must confess, I love A.K.Ramanujan’s translation, as it does more justice to emotions in scope.

Tell me:
how is it then
that women gather
like hill goddesses
and stare at me
wherever I go,
and say
“She’s good,she’s good,”
and I,no good at all for my man
from the country of the hills ?

Translated by A.K.Ramanujan


Since the poem is spoken in front of Thalaivan,so that he can here it, it shows boldness of the women. Though it is left to our imagination if it is just poetic freedom or at least Women of that age were mavericks! I would like to believe the latter.



அன்னாய், வாழி, வேண்டு, அன்னை! அஃது எவன்கொல்?

Exclamation – long live – listen – mother! A- why?-doubt

வரையர மகளிரின் நிரையுடன் குழீஇ,

Mountain residing – women/nymph – togther – assemble

பெயர்வுழிப் பெயர்வுழித் தவிராது நோக்கி,

Moving/walking/crossing – while, Moving/walking/crossing – while – without abstaining/ceasing – see

நல்லள் நல்லள் என்ப;

Good girl! Good girl! -say

தீயேன் தில்ல, மலை கிழவோற்கே!

Faulty one – exclamation – for mountain lord

வரையாது வந்தொழுகும் தலைமகன் சிறைப்புறத்தானாகத் தலைமகள் தோழிக்குச் சொல்லியது




  1. what a wonderfull website,till now I never seen such a world of Tamil collections, what a rare collections.Hats off ,but Why cant u keep it in Thanmizh in the home page?. Translation in English is important I agree woth that. If u chage the home page in tamil ,that wil give a better look than this.
    Vaazhga thamizh!

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