Am I not good enough? Ainkurunuru 204

What She said when her lover was within very close distance from her

அன்னாய் வாழிவேண் டன்னைஅஃது எவன்கொல்
வரையர மகளிரின் நிரையுடன் குழீஇப்
பெயர்வழிப் பெயர் வழித் தவிராது நோக்கி
நல்லள் நல்லள் என்ப
தீயேன் தில்ல மலைகிழ வோர்க்கே.

Tell me:
how is it then
that women gather
like hill goddesses
and stare at me
wherever I go,
and say
“She’s good,she’s good,”
and I,no good at all for my man
from the country of the hills ?

Poet: Kapilar

Translated by A.K.Ramanujan

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  1. what a wonderfull website,till now I never seen such a world of Tamil collections, what a rare collections.Hats off ,but Why cant u keep it in Thanmizh in the home page?. Translation in English is important I agree woth that. If u chage the home page in tamil ,that wil give a better look than this.
    Vaazhga thamizh!

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