Tamil Proverbs – Part 10


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Tenth part of my Tamil proverb collection. All proverbs are translated by me.


ஏறச்சொன்னால் எருதுக்குக் கோபம், இறங்கச்சொன்னால்  நோன்டிக்குக் கோபம் .

Eraschonnal eruthukku kobam, eranga chonal nondikku kobam.

The bull gets angry when a physically challenged man is asked to mount on it; if the man is asked to get down, he would get angry.


This typically said to people who get into troubled water if they support either side of the fighting parties.

எருமை வாங்கும் முன் நெய் விலை கூறுகிறதா ?

Erumai vangum mun nei villai koorukiratha?

Can you ask price for your ghee before buying buffalo?


Like student assuming he will get so much marks and starts deciding the colleges and place to stay near the college.

“Don’t  count on the chicken before they hatch.”

உட்சுவர் இருக்க, புறச்சுவர் பூசலாமா ?

Utssuvar irukka , velissuvar poosalama?

Can you paint the outer wall neglecting the inner wall.


One has to keep one’s inner self pure. A mock at people who keep themselves clean and neat in their outward behaviour but are not pure in their heart. Outward morality and inward depravity. Also  can be said of situation where you need to take care of urself first before helping others.

எழுதுகிறது பெரிதல்ல , இன்னும் அறிந்து சேர்க்கிறது பெரிது

Eluthukirathu perithala, innum arinthu serkirathu perithu.

Its not a big thing to write but its a great thing to understand and accumulate knowledge.


Probably aimed at current day bloggers like me! Its more important that you undertsand what you read and implement that rather than simply write superficial articles. A proverb close to one of my Fav. kurals

‘கற்க கசடற கற்றவை கற்ற பின்

நிற்க அதற்கு தக’.

உடல் ஒருவனுக்கு பிறந்தது , நாக்கு பலருக்கு பிறந்தது .

Utal oruvanukku piranthathu, naakku palarukku piranthathu.

One’s body is born for himself and his tounge is born for many.


One’s body will decide the doom or boon for himself. But one’s tounge can change lives of so many other people.

The word uttered by the mouth in anger is too dangerous.

” Birds are entangled by their feet, and men by their tongues.”


Reference : A classified collection of Tamil Proverbs by Rev. Herman Jensen

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  1. எழுதுகிறது பெரிதல்ல , இன்னும் அறிந்து சேர்க்கிறது பெரிது.

    Nice one, vairam.


  2. Hi Dear

    Your collection and explanation, both are very nice and intelligible.


    Wahab Sahito
    Sindh Pakistan

  3. hi, would you be able to tell me a quote in tamil (mayb with english translation too) about being grateful, and accepting what you have been given??

  4. It is to simmyb, I herewith quote a Kural— KALATHTHINAL SEITHA NANDRI SIRITHU ENINUM JALATHTHIN MAANAP PERITHU. Meaning : the help done in time, though it may be small, it will be big enough the world. (2) PAYAN THUKKAR SEITHA UTHAVI, NAYAN THUKKIN NANMAI KADALIN PERITHU. Meaning: The help done without expecting reciprocal help the benefit of it will be bigger than the sea. In Kural Thiruvalluvar advised only to the receipient to be grateful. Thanking you

  5. You did a nice thing to our mother tongue. i wish you all success during your long journey on tamil.
    Thamil thayin karam pidiththayitru. ini aval ungalai nedum thooram alaithu selval. valga. valarha.

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