Patinathar Poem


Republishing one of my old blogs, one of the most hard hitting poems of Patinathar.

என் பெற்றதாயரும் என்னைப் பிணம் என்று இகழ்ந்துவிட்டார் 
பொன்பெற்ற மாதரும் போ என்று சொல்லிப் புலம்பிவிட்டார் 
கொன் பெற்ற மைந்தரும் பின் வலம் வந்து குடமுடைத்தார் 
தான் பற்று ஒழிய ஒரு பற்று மில்லை உடையவனே. 

(Thanks to Vendhan Arasu Sir!)


The mother who bore me despised me saying, ‘A corpse’

The women who bore my golden tali ,said,’Go!’ and then cried.

My grown up children went around my body and broke the pot.

O Lord, apart from your embrace there is no love!

Poet : Patinathar

Translated by Kamil V Zvelebil

(Sithar padal – Patinathar padalgal 2 -Project Madurai version-Pothu 28 )

No relation comes with you till the end. Patinathar imagines himself to be a corpse with a soul. He sees all his blood relationships cry for him and leave. His is soul left alone. Now his soul has none other than the god to embrace. No realtionship comes with you till the end, only gods love is your saving grace. A deep meaningful poem from the great shidda.


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  1. great service to Tamil you are doing Vairam.Let me say at the outset ‘congrats’.

    Petra ThAyar here means not ‘mother’ alone but includes father, and other very close relation like Grandfather,etc. Actually Pattinaththaar’s mother was so fond of him and equally he was also so. (This you can trace out his poem on last rites of his mother, when others were objecting of Pattinaththar’s participation).

  2. வைரம் சொற்பதம் பிரித்து இடலாமே.

  3. VAiram, great post!! Kannadasan’s veedu varai uravu song was based on this song. Keep up the good work!!

  4. Kaathilla oosiyum varadhu kadai vazhiye
    – Pattinathar

    I heard this from the movie Pattinathar. Quite a depressing statement, but i usually think about this particular one when i am in deep trouble and surprisingly it makes me feel better !.

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