Comics – Tamil Festival Games – 3 rd std Tamil Samacheer Kalvi Textbook lesson

This is again a new experimentation from my side. A lesson from 3rd standard Samacheer kalvi textbook in a easy to understand comic book format. Please pass this on to any kid who is studying in 3rd standard. If you are 3rd std kid pass it to your classmates and please give you feedback. based on the feedback might post more content for school students.


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The original Text

The Comic Version



  1. Good work done…I will definitely pass it on to my school 3rd std kids..Appreciate your effort and time..And Thank you…

  2. மிக நல்ல முயற்சி.நற்பணி தொடர பாராட்டுகள்.

  3. Dear Vairam,
    You are doing a great job. No words will give a satisfactory meaning to appreciate your work to promote Tamil language, in a place even appa and amma is not liked by the parents

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