Eyes that trap the soul – Kurunthokai 184

An interesting poem, where you still use same words used in the poem 2000 years ago.

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Author of the poem is supposed to be an Aryan king… So this king has learnt Tamil and wrote the poem. (We do have reference of Kapilar teaching how to write Tamil poem (Kurunjipaatu) to an Aryan king) .

This pretty much shows that Sanskrit (possibly Pakrit/Pali) and Tamil were not opposing languages but rather two classical languages in vogue which attracted people in ancient India.

Also looks like there were cases of false witness even 2000 years ago! The poem suggests that wise men do not give false witness.

Kan valai is in vogue even in Silapathikaram and can be traced in many Tamil movie songs.

Kurunthokai 184

அறிகரி பொய்த்தல் ஆன்றோர்க்கு இல்லை;

குறுகல் ஓம்புமின் சிறுகுடிச் செலவே

இதற்கு இது மாண்டது என்னாது, அதற்பட்டு,

ஆண்டு ஒழிந்தன்றே, மாண் தகை நெஞ்சம்-

மயிற்கண் அன்ன மாண் முடிப் பாவை

நுண் வலைப் பரதவர் மட மகள்

கண் வலைப் படூஉம் கானலானே.

Wisemen do not falsify as eyewitness!

abandon your thoughts to pass by to the small house

as you won’t be able think rational anymore,

your glorious heart remains in the place

of the girl with beautiful tuft like marks on the peacock’s tail,

who belongs to household

of fishermen who have fine nets,

and she has entrapped me

in the net she flings from her eyes

in this seashore!

Poet: Arya Vendhan Yazh Pramaththan

Translated by Palaniappan Vairam Sarathy



Kurunthokai Translation by M.Shanmugham Pillai and David Ludden

Tamil Lexicon

U.V.Sawaminathan Iyer Tamil urai

அறிகரி பொய்த்தல் ஆன்றோர்க்கு இல்லை;

Eyewitness – false – wisemen – no

குறுகல் ஓம்புமின் சிறுகுடிச் செலவே-

Abandon – preserve thought – small house – passing/flowing/journey

இதற்கு இது மாண்டது என்னாது, அதற்பட்டு,

For this – this – is worth – do not think, after that

ஆண்டு ஒழிந்தன்றே, மாண் தகை நெஞ்சம்-

That place remain,  excellent alike heart

மயிற்கண் அன்ன மாண் முடிப் பாவை

Peacock – Star of a peacock’s tail- alike – excellent – tuft/hair – damsel

நுண் வலைப் பரதவர் மட மகள்

Fine/minute – net – fisherman – house – girl

கண் வலைப் படூஉம் கானலானே.

Eye – net /web –  entrapped – he in seashore



  1. did not understand the connection between the first 4 lines and the rest. where does false witness fit in? what is siru kudi? is it chinna veedu, parthhayar veedu?

  2. His heart speaks to him. It says like wiseman dont tell false news, what I am saying is truth. Do not go to her house, you will be bewitched by her. Siru Kudil means small house… probably hut in the fisherman village

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