Isn’t he father and mother – Kurunthokai 93

It is not easy for women especially if the marriage doesn’t work out. Thaliavan has started philandering and he is not allowed to enter the house by Thalaivi. When Panki (Thalaivi’s friend) comes to advice her of not have love quarrels with  her husband and asks her to let him in. Thalaivi responds that as husband he should care for her like a father and mother. And feels he isn’t behaving like that, when there is no love how can there be love quarrel is her central question. Sangam literature deals with every facet of love and marital life.

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93. மருதம்
நல் நலம் தொலைய, நலம் மிகச் சாஅய்,
இன் உயிர் கழியினும் உரையல்; அவர் நமக்கு
அன்னையும் அத்தனும் அல்லரோ?
புலவி அஃது எவனோ, அன்பிலங்கடையே?
வாயிலாகப் புக்க தோழிக்கு வாயில் மறுத்தது. – அள்ளூர் நன்முல்லையார்


I have lost my virginity,

my beauty is on the wane

my sweet life is passing away!

Isn’t he supposed to be father and mother to me?

How can I have a lover quarrel with him

When there is no love between us?

Poet: Allur Nanmullaiyar

Translated by Palaniappan Vairam Sarathy

father mother tamil


Kurunthokai – David Ludden and Shanmugam Pillai

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Kurunthokai – U.Ve.Sa urai

Tamil Lexicon – University of Madras



நல் நலம் தொலைய, நலம் மிகச் சாஅய்,

Good – Virtue – lost – virtue – many/much – dry up/wear away

இன் உயிர் கழியினும் உரையல்; அவர் நமக்கு

Sweet life – pass away/spent/expire – speak; he – for us

அன்னையும் அத்தனும் அல்லரோ?

Mother – father – isn’t it

புலவி அஃது எவனோ, அன்பிலங்கடையே?

Sulk/dislike –  – how/who?, love  – not there – between us



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