Auvaiyar sings of Atiyaman- Purananuru 87

Now that I have posted translation of lot of love poems in my blog, as request from my friend I am posting Heroic (Puram ) poem from Purananuru to add variety to my blog. I will soon add Sithar poems to the blog.

If you wonder where the tradition of Hero build up in Tamil cinema(right from Rajni to Simbhu) comes, at the end of this poem you would get the idea.

This is a very famous poem and any Tamil student would have read it in his/her school days.

87.One among us!

Enemies, be careful when you take the field.

Among us is a warrior

who will face you in battle

He is like a wheel made over a month


by a carpenter who makes eight chariots

in a day.

Auvaiyar sings Atiyaman Netuman Anci

Translated by George L.Hart


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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Atpu says:

    Thanks for your efforts in creating this blog.
    The translations are very useful to many.
    Well done and please keep it going.

  2. nemoeac says:

    I very much appreciate your efforts. Hope you continue it.

  3. Ronald says:

    This is a good translation of a good work. Any more interesting excerpts from Auvaiyar?

  4. rajkumar says:

    though i dint study tamil in school, i find ur blog very interesting. tamil are knowledge forunners

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