You are so righteous – Rombha nalla vanda nee – Kalithokai 37

This poem is very interesting one. Hero loves the girl, but does not have guts to say it to the girl. Girl waits and loses her patience and decides to do something daring. At the end of the poem you would feel ‘Rombha Nalavan Da neee’  same as the heroine. This Kapilar poem can be easily tagged as a RomCom poem.

Taming elephant with a harp – Kalithokai 2

We would have had numerous chances to make fun of Ramarajan taming the wild bull in Jallikattu with Illayraja’s pechi pechi song. It was a cult it. But even more surprising was a reference in Kalithokai of angry elephant (usually in rut – Madha yanai) which couldnt be controlled by its gad (pagan) getting mellow down and tamed with music of harp (yaazh).

Whole Village is laughing – Kalithokai 65

65 தோழி கூற்று திருந்திழாய்! கேளாய், நம் ஊர்க்கு எல்லாம் சாலும் பெரு நகை! அல்கல் நிகழ்ந்தது: ஒருநிலையே மன்பதை எல்லாம் மடிந்த இருங் கங்குல், அம் … More