Surprise Hug! – Kurunthokai 359

Back to Sangam literature. Another shade of love. குறுந்தொகை 359, பேயனார், மருதத் திணை – தோழி பாணரிடம் சொன்னது கண்டிசின் பாண பண்பு உடைத்து அம்ம மாலை விரிந்த … More

Men are always the same! Narrinai 226

This poem is dedicated to the women and children who bare the brunt heavy office workload of their husbands. The poem which pretty much says Men being men worry more about wealth/career than family. Poem emphasizes ‘Men are like this’ as a sort proverb 2000 years ago.

You are so righteous – Rombha nalla vanda nee – Kalithokai 37

This poem is very interesting one. Hero loves the girl, but does not have guts to say it to the girl. Girl waits and loses her patience and decides to do something daring. At the end of the poem you would feel ‘Rombha Nalavan Da neee’  same as the heroine. This Kapilar poem can be easily tagged as a RomCom poem.